Trailers: DC Universe Online - "Why Green Lantern?" Trailer

DC Universe Online - "Why Green Lantern?" Trailer

Jens Andersen, creative director behind DC Universe Online, talks about the upcoming "Fight for the Light" pack.

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Awww, but I want the power of love....or anger!!!


Seriously though... Fight for the Light? What a terrible title... That's just... Bad.

"Because no one wants to play this game anymore."

I can't think of Green Lantern without thinking about Black Adam pummeling him and destroying his ring :D
Crap game.

Reinacting your favorate WWF fights have never been so easy. Conjure up tables and chairs out of yellow/green light.

I'm sorry, it just look daft someone slashing someone with a GIANT and out-of-proportionate yellow chainsaw spectre. And then at the end of the promo it's one-ups it by summoning a green spectral bombing plane. I know Movie Bob said COMICS. ARE. WEIRD. But that's just out of the ordinary to the most extreme. If I had the power to conjure spectral objects I would summon a goddamn motherfucker dragon with fangs and horns that breathed molten lava and bled acid. None of this poncy firehatchets with unusually long handles.

"Why Green Lantern?" Because they were hoping The Green Lantern movie would have been a success, and lead to more sales of this add-on. THAT's "Why Green lantern." Goobers were hoping for "cross-promotion."

Is it worth getting into this game anymore?

Is it worth getting into this game anymore?

To paraphrase the old 7-up commercial - Never was, never will be.

Seriously, DCUO is terrible. It's not as terrible as Champions Online, but it's pretty damn close.

To be fair, MMO's are pretty terrible in general these days. I can't put my finger on what exactly it is, but they've shown a pretty steady devolution over the last few years and each subsequent release being worses than the last that came before it. But even in this whirlwind of suckitude, DCUO is pretty much the gale force hurricane of suck...

Judging by these comments, I am the only one who REALLY loves this game and wants this pack.


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