The Big Picture: Smarter Than the Average Bear

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Smarter Than the Average Bear

Smarter - and more popular.

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is it bad that i remember almost all of the characters, programs and movies in this episode from when i was a kid

Hey bob remember how long ago you said that Ms.Marvel could get an entire episode for herself?

Why not make that?

Yo Yogi? Man that sounds so retarded that it may work.... or not. Also the 90s was awesome.

Man I literary burst out laughing upon hearing that villain name Mr Bigot and his racist gun! I actually vaguely remember that Yogi Bear special "Yogi Bear and the Magical Flight of the Spruce Goose". I think I used to love that special as a kid but I can't remember what it is about.
Shame you didn't mention that he appear as a cameo in modern shows like The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy amd Harvey Birdman. Still good video on making a spotlight of the rise and fall of Yogi Bear.

That's a lot of spin-offs of spin-offs of spin-offs. I had no idea the HB stuff was that twisted in on itself.
This gets me wondering what Bob would have to say about the E/I stuff from the 90's, especially since he thinks so poorly of the 90's in general.

Captcha: 100- neduYe

I feel like a just have been read Yogi's wikipedia article. (plus pictures)

Maybe you should lay off the "[discussion point] IS WEIRD!" for a while.

'Cause honestly, it's getting a bit a annoying and I can't mute it quick enough.

Casual Shinji:
Maybe you should lay off the "[discussion point] IS WEIRD!" for a while.

'Cause honestly, it's getting a bit a annoying and I can't mute it quick enough.

Oh, GOD. That crap has been annoying the shit out of me for WEEKS.

Also, Bob...Your vast knowledge of things that don't really matter kinda made sense when you were talking about comics, but now I have to ask: How...and you just KNOW all this crap?

And anyway, these "Let's talk for five minutes about some random fictional trivia because FUCK YOU, that's why" episodes are getting old. Remember when you were talking about NASA getting shut down? What the hell happened to stuff like that? You know, BIG PICTURE stuff?[1]

[1] See wat ah did thar?

Frozen Donkey Wheel2:

Casual Shinji:
Maybe you should lay off the "[discussion point] IS WEIRD!" for a while.

'Cause honestly, it's getting a bit a annoying and I can't mute it quick enough.

Oh, GOD. That crap has been annoying the shit out of me for WEEKS.

Well, Bob's voice is already kinda annoying to me so when he warps it the annoyance goes into overdrive.

Casual Shinji:
Maybe you should lay off the "[discussion point] IS WEIRD!" for a while.

'Cause honestly, it's getting a bit a annoying and I can't mute it quick enough.

I love it, it's his thing and it indicates a fun episode.

Nice episode, even though I never watched the show and didn't really get the references.

Bob I don't mind you rambling on about stuff like this as I find something in your vids interesting, however try doing something topical next week as there may be a viewers revolt by the looks of the above comments xD

Also it would be something refreshing :P

Did Bob imply that there are people in the world who haven't watched Top Cat? Dammit Bob, I usually trust you to get your facts right.

I'm amazed at how this is basically all the shows I watched as a kid, in the early to mid-90s.

Seriously Squiddly Diddly, Top Cat and Wacky Races. Thanks for the nostalgia.

I don't get what all the above comments are about, I always love these weird pop culture topics

A racism gun. That's...Yeah, it makes Captain Planet's Rogue Gallery look like a sound and well-thought out bunch.

But it WOULD explain politics of late.

Wow! I had no idea Yogi Bear was so huge. Half of that stuff I've never even heard of.

Man that made me feel old.

I had to scratch my head at those various characters being referred to as obscure, since I recognized every last one of them. Maybe it's just that Snagglepuss wasn't around as much as Huckleberry Hound, but come on, the two of them and Quickdraw and Oggy Doggy (and Doggy Daddy, my son, my son) went on pretty much every crossover adventure Yogi had.

It could also be that I watched the Laff-a-Lympics religiously as a child, so after a few years of that, I'm intimately familiar with Hong-Kong Fooey and Captain Caveman and Jabberjaw and all the rest. But I also remember seeing reruns of their individual shows, so I dunno.

People who want a real nostalgia trip on HB properties need (desperately!) to watch Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law. Not only is the titular character an old HB mainstay Birdman, but nearly all of his clients and supporting characters are from the HB universe, including Inch-High Private Eye, Magilla Gorilla, and Blue Falcon/Dinomutt, as his Latin nemesis, Azul Falcone.

Here's a classic example: Grape Ape caught 'roiding up at the Laff-a-Lympics:

Huh, certainly a strange journey he went on as a franchise...

Heh. Makes all the people saying the new movie "ruined" Yogi Bear seem a lot funnier; looks to me like Hanna-Barbera did a pretty good job of ruining him on their own long before that.

Good lord, despite being born in the nineties I actually recognized and watched nearly all the old cartoons listed during that time.

I kind of wished you mention some of the characters reappearing in the early Adult Swim. I loved seeing mature versions of classic HB characters in Harvey Birdman.

My mom's nickname as a kid was Snagglepuss. Also, I LOVE seeing these epic Hanna-Barbera crossovers! This is kind of why I'm hoping to see Space Ghost in the console version of Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion.

BTW, I remember Yogi's Treasure Hunt rather fondly, actually.

Hannana barbara practically invented the word spin off and knock off by creating dopplegangers of there popular shows. Besides yogi bear just look at scooby doo and all the spin offs movie specials and knock offs that were made just for him. Yogi bear had ran out of steam during the 90s but early 90s cartoon network obviously showed a appreciation for scooby doo if anything else was ever clear.

Personally I love this "X IS WEIRD" shit. Gives me lots of interesting stuff to talk about at parties. Also, I think I saw every one of those Yogi movies when I was a kid, and may still have a VHS of the "Yogi's Ark" one. Wonder if I can eBay it...

Oh great, I didn't know those things were obscure yet. Now I feel old.

Or I just had the benefit of a slightly retro childhood...yes, let's go with that.

I remember Flight of the spruce goose. It was good.

HOLY CRAP, YOGI'S FIRST CHRISTMAS... I used to have that on video... brain implosion.

Bob should really have finished it up with this clip.

There really was nothing "mature" about the HB characters in Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law, as evidenced by his boss the one eyed blond guy, rationing out toilet paper by everyone only getting one single ply square per loo visit and advising Harvey that if he needs extra toilet paper to just use both sides of the square. Yeah, mature. I've got all seasons on DVD. Venture Bros too.

I remember going to a Jellystone as a kid. Don't remember much about it, other than it was the same as any other campsite.

MovieBob, you should really do an episode on some of the stranger HB characters, like the Herculoids. And I'd love to see one on Jonny Quest. Gods, I can't tell you how great those old episodes were. And yes, it was brought back in the 90's with the characters aged up a bit and Race Bannon given a daughter named Jessie (and Haji's fakir/mystic powers toned down), but I still remember the show fondly.

Aw man...Now when you mentioned it - It'd be awesome to see an episode about Top Cat! I loved that show as a kid and I still love it now. The whole thing just has this good feeling about it that makes you want to watch it.

Yeah Top Cat totally ruled, best H&B show ever... The cartoon which helped me learn English the most. YouTube here I come.

My parents actually had a copy of "Yogi's Great Escape" on VHS when I was a little kid. That and another Yogi Movie we had once upon a time as well. All I can remember about it was a scene where Yogi and Boo-Boo inhale "Helium-Ah mum mum mum gas". That's exactly as I remember them saying it.

OT: Yogi was at least considerably funnier than Flintstones, and the rest of the Hanna Barbara cartoons were alright, but I didn't have Cartoon Network as a kid, so it was either old tapes of Tex Avery's Droopy or Nickelodeon, and Rugrats didn't come on until later, so, yup. I never really watched the other H/B cartoon characters. My mainstays were Yogi, Droopy and Tom and Jerry.

Dammit, Bob, why do you make me think about my childhood? The 90s sucked for you, but that was my existence. the 00s suck now. Vicious cycle, I guess.

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