We Were Spartans

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We Were Spartans

Halo is about to celebrate its tenth anniversary, but for a loyal group of Spartans, it'll never be quite the same.

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It really sucks that games are starting to favour online multiplayer instead of offline play. I just got two games I never thought I'd buy simply because they were about the only games I was remotely interested in that had split-screen. Thankfully so far I've been able to keep in touch with my old friends from school, even though none of them is in the same University I'm in, but it's getting harder and harder. He always have to work around our classes, out hobbies, our other commitments.

Well, reading this article made me want to set up a get-together with them. Yeah, I'll probably do that.

I'm drowning in my own nostalgia now thanks to this. :)

Christ man, i'm in the process of losing a load of friends due to university. Its kinda hard to look at this and think "shit, this is what's happening, i'm losing everyone".


A great read, loved it.
I'm not a really LAN guy myself, so i couldn't relate to this a lot, but still, it was very interesting.

I didn't do many LAN parties, but the ones I did were fun as hell.

It was never Halo for me, but I can still relate to the article.

That was quite an interesting story! I never really had that experience, although I did find myself in a multiplayer situation sometimes, but not often. I was the guy who was never invited.

But I remember the Saturdays at my dad's house when my not-quite-step-half-something-brother used to bring his PS2 over and we'd spend the day swapping the controller as we played GTA VC or perhaps even Driv3r, whatever we had to play that day. In a way, GTA is more fun when played with a friend or family member, because you have two lots of ideas, not just one. You can think "Yeah, let's go on that island and do this or that!" rather than just dick around on your own for an hour before getting bored.

I think online gaming is both a curse and a blessing. It's so much easier to play online now. You just go into multiplayer and do whatever it is you have to do to find a game, and bam! You're playing. You don't have to organise snacks, you don't have to make sure everyone is free, you can just ring/text your friend and go "Hey, I'm free tonight. Wanna log on Halo 3 and play?". But as this article shows, it can cause gaming groups to fracture as they don't have that in-the-same-room aspect. To make it worse, it seems like LAN gaming is on the decline, both on console and PC, so these sort of events are getting restricted to the older titles that might have outlived their fun.

unfortunately i started to game during halo 3 so online gaming is all i know but it still reminds me of all the friends i lost from high school, it hasn't even been one year yet damn. still right now i have a smiler thing going on with some people i met online where we just log in and play together don't even know their real names

I remember LAN's with my friends. Oh man, those were some of the best times of my life. Just full of fun, friends, happiness...

Really sad it's all over. I'd love to play with 'em all again.

Great article. LAN's truly are a great thing. And it makes me sad that these days... less and less people are doing it. And as time goes on, that little number will continue to shrink...

I'm sad now.

Childhood memories for me, way back when i was 12 we'd always get together and have "Halo parties". There were other games, but there was truly nothing like Halo. 4 of us fragging each other.

Some of my best gaming years, ironically to a game people love to hate.

Man, you have put my in nostalgic mode! I too will always fondly remember our LAN parties (which oddly enough, Dennis was the name of my buddy who hosted the games all the time, too)

Like you, I still look back on those days wistfully. I miss them terribly, but I also know that it simply cannot be like that again.

Thanks for writing this article. :)

the one thing i'll never deny my love for in the world is Halo. i dare say i never truly wasted time with it lol.

i love my first halo memories! =)

Oh nostalgia; what devil art thou, that dost torment me thus?

The game was always Brood War for me. Inconvenient though it might have been, I really miss lugging my tower to the LAN party on Saturdays. StarCraft 2 doesn't allow the option to LAN so that experience has been thoroughly neutered. At least we'll always have Magic at the gatherings.

Super Smash Bros., all of them, were kinda the same for me and my friends

Brought tears to my eyes. Excellent read.

My friends and I keep finding good local multiplayer games just to enjoy playing in the same room and all. Mostly Marvel ultimate alliance 1 + 2 and an old school ps2 game Champions of Norath. Not many recent games out like that unfortunately, although there's always D&D to fall back on.

This is why I hope the Halo Fans Group's massive games keep going. We haven't had one in a while... in fact I'll go ask about it now!

Sure you don't want to join the group, Brandon? ;)

Just saying, but a friend and I recently blew through the campaign on legendary again. Good times.

I love articles like this, most gamers seem to have a game for their group like this. For me and my group it's always been some type of wrestling game, not the most fun to play on your own but when in a room full of guys crowded round the console then you've got yourself some good times right there.

Halo: CE was definitely the best one. I was in the Navy and we used to play that game for hours in our shop when we were at sea. After Halo 2 came out they just started trying to add stuff that seemed cool, but they got away from what really made the game fun.

For me, we actually found the time to go online and continue the tradition on Reach (We'll all be switching to Halo Anniversary Edition for old time's sake), but in many ways, it just isn't the same as it used to be.

No complaints here, though.

I need to resist... I don't want to... I won't cry...

Back then I loved Halo a lot, even after Halo 2 came out, the first one was still pretty special, first, because I knew some of my cousins that I barely knew... a week before one of them died on a tragic accident... and then, this game, ironically, got me into PC gaming in the first place. Heck, this is the reason why I sold my N64 in the first place, to get some money to buy an Xbox, wich I never did.

I eventually got a 360, but it just wasn't the same.

Gah, remind me of the good ol' days. 4 friends, Command and Conquer, and serial cables. Set it down to tech level 1 and watch as the hordes of light infantry engage in an epic 4 way battle that takes up 3/4s of the map. Good times.

Online is great for convenience but it's so true that it can't compare to a LAN party. That's one of the things I really love about the Halo series. How much it encourages party-type play along with a competitive multiplayer online.

It's one thing to hear a friend over the mic go, "NOOOO!" as some grenade sticks them but another to actually see them screaming at the TV and reacting to what happens in the game. A few of my friends still make sure to keep visiting back and forth now and then even though we're a 2 hour drive apart.

Splitscreen and LAN type stuff will always be a defining moment for our gaming generation.

I remember hardcore LAN parties as a PC gamer. They've gone by the wayside for everybody, which really sucks.

Though I must admit I was quick to pick up multiplayer gaming and have made friends doing that. But my god, I miss those LAN parties.

I can relate to almost everything in this article. Halo Splitscreen and LANS are truly something special.

Brandon Hicks:
We Were Spartans

Halo is about to celebrate its tenth anniversary, but for a loyal group of Spartans, it'll never be quite the same.

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I never liked Halo, but the same thing kinda happened to me and my mates; the only reason we can still meet up now is because we're all jobless and struggling to survive just now.

But when one or two of us DOES find work, I know this sort of stuff will be over. And my life will lose a little bit of that childhood magic.

Awesome article, but somebody has to do this, i'm sorry.

"Brandon! You know on a Halo Sunday you don't right the doorbell," he says. "You walk right in!"

You don't right the doorbell? Who does?

I remember doing the same thing with halo 2 at my neighbor's house. 4 consoles, sixteen kids, all crammed into one room. Trying to huddle around one portable tv with three other people. Good times.

I'm extremely pleased to say that this doesn't give me nostalgia; I've been organizing similar (monthly) Halo: Reach LAN parties for some time now. Nothing beats the feeling of being in the same room with your fellow players. It's pure MoThErFuCkIn MaGiC.

I remember trying to get the my friends together for Halo on quite a few occasions. It bored them fairly quick since I was dominating more or less the entire time due to my friends' general inexperience with console shooters. Thus I became PC-LAN person, having jolly evenings with my friends playing Age of Empires, StarCraft, DotA, Counter Strike and so on.

Halo was for me more of a private pleasure, shared mostly over xbox-live. It saddens me I didn't get to experience the 1st installment in its full multiplayer glory.

I'm almost in tears...

I too, remember the days: but with me, what kept my group of friends togther was the clan and Y button friends list in halo 2.

Back when you could gather a group of friends on Halo 2 for custom games at any one moment, custom games were almost as common as matchmaking.

Hell, you didn't even need to know the guy, just a friend of a friend invited for live.

After the Y list was dropped in halo 3, it was never the same...

I miss troy, I miss cat and mouse, I miss tower of power...

That was actually pretty sweet. Reminds me of my own bonding experiences through gaming. :')


This pretty much sums up my experiences, just replace "Halo" with "Dungeons and Dragons". You never really notice when something like that ends. You just look up one day, and realize you haven't played in a long time, and you don't know when you are going to play again. Online gaming is great and all, but it will never replace sitting around the table with your buddies, munching on Doritos and chips, cracking up when somebody does something funny in the game, hanging out before and after.... I miss that.

A lot.

My first Halo memories were in Halo 2, played it at a mates house, and even though i haven't played it in about 2 years it's still my favourite game, seen as though it pretty much got me in to the gamer i am today.

But still awesome story, ahhhhh the days of racing a Warthog on Coagulation <3

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