Trailers: Crimson Alliance: Direwolf Trailer

Crimson Alliance: Direwolf Trailer

Fight as the mage Direwolf in Certain Affinity's co-op action rpg Crimson Alliance.

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Heres hoping it doesn't end up like Daggerdale.

A game where you play as a badass old wizard? I love that! Though, of course, I don't expect a hack&slash to delve very deep into that concept.

Looks like somebody crossbred Magicka and Torchlight. I don't mean that as a bad thing, just pointing it out. Shame there'll be no PC version though...

"I may be mad" - sold!
Looks like we have Diablo packed times ahead of us.

This is cutting it a bit close to the return of the true ruler of hack & slash but still,; grumpy get-off-my-lawn wizard sounds like a fun character to play


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