Escape to the Movies: A Look Ahead

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A Look Ahead

Summer is over, so here's what to look forward to next.

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But bob
Ta ta ta

Edit: Oh God, my gf is going to make me see shrek cat movie *facepalm*

Makes me long for summer 2012

That was enlightening, amusing, and also informative. Good job Movie Bob. Keep up the good work.

I'm going to sleep for the rest of the year

So many remakes recently... actually, maybe that's just a normal thing, but I sort of shut it out because I never see any of them.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was made perfectly and does not need to be remade before 10 years has gone by at least. Sure its a nice story but if at best this is a dub with different actors. At worst it changes the story completely. And you stated somebody who made films you like. You didnt state someone who's made good remakes in the past (As far as im concerned, I mean I dont know the guy)

You didn't just use Benjamin Button as a positive example of David Fincher's work, right?!

Anyway, nice to see that Tarsem Singh is making another crazy visuals movie.

That's all well and good but...still no American release date for Redline.

"The grimmest, darkest, most depraved movie that everyone in your mom's book club goes to see."

This is the best thing I've heard come out of Bob's mouth. And yeah, it's also probably the most I've agreed with him. This movie is almost certain to be fantastic.

I do wish he'd said a tiny bit more about some of the other films, especially Straw Dogs, because I always get antsy when something like that, especially something starring one of my favorite actors, gets remade... Does he have some insight I don't? I don't know... he wouldn't tell me :P We'll see.

Will see Sherlock Holmes and the Muppets and probably Puss in Boots and Happy Feet. Good preview, Bob!

well this will get me to got to a theatre at least more then twice before the year is up.
and I like Brad Bird. The Incredibles was so awesome!

No mention of Dream House or Contagion is disappointing.

Yo Bob, you forgot "The Game".

Just saying...

Heh liked the David Fincher bit, but no review of Don't Be Afraid of the Dark? Damn...

Silly MovieBob, Fincher didn't direct Case Closed.

But seriously: Not really any movies i'm particulary looking forward to. Rum Diaries could be nice, i never read the novel but i like Hunter S. Thompson. Sherlock Holmes 2 will probably be pretty okay. I mean, the first one had really nice visuals. Girl With The Dragon Tattoo... well, i never read the book but apparently it's a pretty big deal so i'm probably going to watch it.

When you list them like that it sure does seem to be a lot of sequels/prequels/spin-offs

My buddy was ecstatic about Sherlock Holmes 2. I'm not thrilled. He asked me if I didn't like it, and, really, I agree, Bob. That movie had absolutely zero memorable moments in it, from where I stand.

I don't see how a sequel will do any differently. Especially since I know I won't be seeing it.

Wait... John Carpenter's The Thing isn't the "first one". It's technically a remake of the 1951 film The Thing from Another World.

Much love Bob, much love. :)

Also, I'm a fan of the Underworld movies... probably has everything to do with Kate Beckensale and skin tight cat suits. :)

Oh sweet baby Jeebus, this year looks terrible. I think I'll stick to TV.

I watched the TV series of 'Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy' a while ago. Brilliant stuff starring Sir Alec Guiness. I hoping the film does the novel and TV series the justice they deserve.



Fanboyism released.

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo: The casting alone was enough to make this work. Adding David Fincher is like adding bacon and the best-damn-cheese-in-the-world to that perfectly serviceable burger.

Only found out about the Rum Diary today, just before watching this. Liked the trailer, has the feel of a seriously toned down Fear and Loathing.

Yes, Mission Impossible!

As much as I'm pissed at them remaking The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, I'm glad Bob mentioned who the director was. I had already dismissed it as an unnecessary, word for word copy of the brilliant Swedish film. But now I'm interested.

Other than that, there really isn't much worth seeing this year. Rum Diary, Immortals and Sherlock Holmes 2 are ones I might consider checking out.

However, 2012 can't come soon enough. Why?
-The Woman In Black
-The Avengers*
-Men In Black 3 (maybe)
-The Amazing Spiderman (could be good)
-The Dark Knight Rises*
-Resident Evil Retribution (I actually like this series)
-The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey*
-World War Z* (A large part filmed in Scotland, so I'm very interested in this one)
-Tintin 2 (I think both the Tintin films will be amazing)

* -means I'm really f*cking excited about this movie!!!

Wait... John Carpenter's The Thing isn't the "first one". It's technically a remake of the 1951 film The Thing from Another World.

Ah, I wanted to be the first to bring this up. You win this time Stall!

Although wasn't the alien replaces with a vegetable monster in the first first one? I actually can't remember if I've seen it or not, I may have just discussed it with friends when we watched the Russell/Carpenter flick some time.

A Look Ahead

Summer is over, so here's what to look forward to next.

Watch Video

bob you missed out aliens 3 when listing david finchers achievements. (it was the one he found so draining he didn't direct again for some stupidly long time).

actually what does a proffesional movei reviewer think of aliens 3? i hold it up with the first 2 as a classic that is actually really good, but is this my lack of breeding showing? whats your thoughts on it?

Jesus ... I dont want to see any of this stuff :(

So many remakes recently... actually, maybe that's just a normal thing, but I sort of shut it out because I never see any of them.

Roger Ebert was complaining about too many remakes way back in the 1970s. The lack of "originality" in Hollywood has been going on for a long, long time.

Hay, I care about Mission Impossible, well, sort of, enough that I wanted to see it even if Brad Bird wasn't directing, I like Tom Cruise as an action actor.

And yeah, Margaret Thatcher and her film will get a lot of whining, but to be fair so does Hitler.

But I am actually interested in the upcoming films, the smaller stuff is often the better stuff.

I'm actually quite excited about War Horse, it was my favorite book for years when I was a kid.

You are a pussy for not giving us the Conan review bob, and you know it. I think that i will see the killer elite and the Tintin movie is a must see for me.

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