Trailers: RAGE - Gearhead Vault Gameplay Trailer

RAGE - Gearhead Vault Gameplay Trailer

Use sentry robots, shotguns and a boomerang of death to slice your way through RAGE.

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Excuse me while I go rob a bank in order to afford all the games I want this autumn/winter.

Not bad looking- actually pretty intriguing- but the gameplay looked a tad slow-paced.
I wonder if that's just for the demo purposes?

I like the way you can pull infinite amount of weapons out of your ass. Good too see Bethesda haven't fallen into gearbox's "Two Pockets only" business plan.

one of my mostly likely to pick up games it just seems like what i've always wanted from post apocalyptic games.

Colonel Campell obviously didn't know that RAGE's player-character has a WHOOOOOOOOLY different way of dealing witht things thatn Snake.

Spider turrets? I see you, Doom 3.

There's too many games coming out, and after id's 'used game' screw up I'm not going to buy this, but it still looks like a lot of fun.

Honestly this lowered my opinion of the game.

The graphics were just an ugly brown and grey mess, and the sounds all blended together into one upleasant cacophony that made me want to turn off the sound of the video (Which I did actually)


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