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XCOM - Gameplay Trailer

Players are going to need to use some clever strategy rather than just big guns to take out the Outsiders in XCOM.

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A 20 minute trailer isn't contemporary.

I honestly don't know what to think. I hate to judge games before playing them but this literary looks like a Mass Effect FPS in the 1960s. Heck, the disruptor ability works exactly the same as overload.

Okay, I'll be honest here. The game looks like it might have some promise when taken on its own merits.

It still has nothing to do with the X-COM series though, aside from lifting a few recognizable words like Elerium. I might have been more receptive if it was marketed as a "reboot" (or better yet, given its own unique IP) but trying to make it an origin story makes no sense (the original game's manual explicitly stated that X-COM was founded in December 1998).

In short, I don't blame the fans screaming "BETRAYAL," simply because 2K is trying to sell a game that resembles the series in name only.

I dunno. The guy talks about stuff like it's new, but I don't really see anything about the mechanics as such. Even the whole squad commands and diversionary tactics seem artificial, especially when his smg rinses the aliens so fast the AI needn't even be there for the most part if he were to be a little more patient with his regenerating health (sigh). So yeah, Packie said, Mass Effect in the 1960s. Researching stuff is nice n all, I guess. Kinda all hangs on whether the mechanics all come together in a positive, cohesive way, or if it's just a Mass Effect clone with a different skin job, lazy AI coding and a research gimmick.

In short, not seeing anything that would make me go out and buy it :/

Alright, just gonna put it out there, I hiss at this game. It is not X-Com, because X-Com is a turn-based strategy game with some base management stuff set in a near future, at a world-wide setting with a semi-cartoony aesthetic. This game is not those things.

It is in fact a shooter involving aliens that is set in a 1960s ish period with a realistic artstyle. Which could be great! But it isn't X-Com.

I think this game would do better as an original IP. Those who have fond memories of X-Com don't want to see it become a shooter, and everyone loves an original IP.

Edit: To clarify, I genuinally think this game has excellent potential. I'm really big on setting and like the person in the trailer says, 1962 is a fascinating year, and the game could really go into the politics of both America and of the Cold War as a whole. But that's a lot to ask and from what I saw in the trailer it seems we have:

Stupid and Cliche one-liners ("Now THATS what I call firepower!")
Coverbased shooter combat (the person says that you can't stand toe to toe with the aliens, it doesn't look that tough, the smg is powerful and your health regenerates fast)
No real strategy (I say this because look at how fast time units regenerate. It's crazy. Also, once you level up a few agents, why ever use anyone else?)

Not convinced people.

I honestly don't know what to think. I hate to judge games before playing them but this literary looks like a Mass Effect FPS in the 1960s. Heck, the disruptor ability works exactly the same as overload.

Yeah... except Mass Effect has an exploration element and this is pretty well a series of scripted combat sequences. This isn't X-COM and they should quit pretending and insisting that it is. If they slapped a new name on this thing before shoving it out the door, I bet they'd get a way better reception.

The thing that really got me was all the talk about the aliens being a metaphor for political unrest and how the 1960's were the perfect timeframe for this thing. I mean, let's be honest with yourselves, the aliens in UFO: Enemy Unknown weren't a metaphor for anything, they were just aliens. The other thing that bugs me is all the artificial magic powers they had to add to create "strategy," when in the original it was simple: you had your guys, their equipment, the aliens, and random terrain you had to adapt to, never knowing what was around the next corner or what would meet you on the battlefield as you sent your troops off in the Skyranger, often until it was too late. Here? Cheap spectacle, overly scripted level design and battles. One gets the sense they've micromanaged it down to the exact order in which you're supposed to shoot individual enemies and use specific powers.

They really don't have to try this hard to modernize the X-COM concept, and it really comes off as them being stubborn and just not wanting to admit that this isn't what gamers want. Look. I get it. I get the intellectual/sci-fi thing 2k's got going. They really want to make legit science fiction, they really want to emphasize storytelling, and I respect that. But there's a time and place for it, and you don't go dragging fans into it, especially when it comes to a series so heavily founded in emergent gameplay and not scripted storytelling. This is literally like trying to make the next Civilization game into a Dynasty Warriors knockoff.

I don't know.. If it were by any other name it might've gone by as a good game. What they've done here is taken everything that is XCOM and just binned it. It's inspired by XCOM at best.

TBS to FPS. No recognisable enemies from the existing series. The guys are going to fight in trousers & ties... Why, 2k? Why?

Can't I have big guns and strategy mixed together in a cocktail game?

Oh, and Health Bars? You have got to be kidding me!

It looks interesting, for the retro art style of nothing else. Yes it doesn't seem to have much, if anything, in common with the old franchise but I never played the XCom games before so I don't bear any resentment in that regard. It didn't really grip my imagination so far, but it might yet prove to be a good game.

This would look like such a good game... If they weren't trying to tell us it's X-com.

I don't even understand the logic of calling it XCOM. It won't sell more copies to fans, because it differentiates so much from the original games, and it won't sell to people who aren't fans, because they have no prior basis for whether or not it's a good series, if they even know it's supposed to be a continuation of a series.

X-com fans don't want an fps game and fps fans couldn't care less about an x-com game, it baffles me why they would do this. But in all honesty I think I **could** enjoy this game, if I can get over it not being the x-com sequel I always wanted. If only they had named it something else.........

"When we played the original xcom, we felt sort of, almost overwhelemed with choices in between missions"

Original xcom was felt to be too overwhelming with choices for these devs?

"When we played the original xcom, we felt sort of, almost overwhelemed with choices in between missions"

Original xcom was felt to be too overwhelming with choices for these devs?

Kinda says it all, doesn't it?

Let's dumb it down! Only linear stories from now own! You get 2 choices, and not more! We wouldn't want to overwhelm you!

This game... It feels so wrong. It looks like a generic cover-based shooter with chest high walls everywhere, scripted levels and yet another "paused tactical overview". Mass Effect, Brothers in Arms come to mind.


its looks...alright i guess

aesthetically i actually like it a lot, 1960s America that is BRIGHT and has more primary colors instead of just greys/browns. the aliens look very cool least when they do stuff other than holding guns.

the squad stuff is alright despite it feeling tacked on (mainly because it is and i love how the commentator is basically saying that between the lines).

although i have to ask, why not disrupt the alien shield directly instead of that ONE dude so you can flank....and if the idea was to flank why cant you just order your men flank when you have the aggro...after all when the player had all the fire drawn to him the generator was COMPLETELY exposed to your squad but apparently they are too dumb to take it out for you.

i think the developers are really wasting the potential for alien enemies...the primary ones you face are basically no different from any other generic enemies that happened to have weird metal skin. the ghost-snake and the recon alien were interesting can we get more of those instead of generic gunmen please?

i dunno like i said, it looks slightly above average for an fps but at the end of the day it seems like "COD: Aliens in the Suburbs Edition"

and of course my opinion is one from someone who never played or even knew about the original XCOM so i can only imagine how pissed they probably are.

I was ready to be disappointed, and it didn't disappoint.

"When we played the original xcom, we felt sort of, almost overwhelemed with choices in between missions"

This bit forced me to repeatedly hit a table with my head. Seriously, devs? Seriously?! It also feels like you were overwhelemed by number of operatives in the original game, variety of alien species, and the fact that there was a whole planet to save, not just USA, huh?

It just won't work. They don't even have portable video camera's with sound for Krom's sake! How do you expect contemporary '60s scientists to analyze and even utilize the tech picked up from the aliens. The tech level between now and then is pretty damn big, and even the original X-COM was only set in, what 2000 or so? On the other hand it could be a good game with decent characters, fun gameplay and a chance to play with zany alien weaponry. Who knows, I'll give the demo when it comes out a shot.

It's Mass Effect in the 60's!

Seriously, the game is looking like it could be fun, but still part of me refuses to accept it as an "origin" story of X-com, or even related to the series in any form. Also, "overwhelmed by choices" sounded stupid to be frankly.

This looks like a really old game idea and the scripted gameplay....sigh.Now i get why they need to use the X-com name.

Let me be blunt: while this game MIGHT end up being OK as an FPS on its own merits, it has pointedly chosen to be judged as an X-COM game (despite the lack of hyphen). And as an X-COM game, it's pathetic. It's linear (missions are pre-generated to advance the "story" and scripted), shallow (you can only take 2 agents into the field with you at once and they level up along set lines), lacks any of the difficulty or tension of the original (since you play a precreated character obviously there's no risk of "losing" him otherwise you'd just get a game over), pointlessly muddled (who cares about the social setting aspect of the story when ALIENS are invading?!) and the action is mindless, generic, cover-based shooting.

Play the original X-COM for an hour. You had to choose where in the world to build your bases, what facilities to upgrade them with, how to equip them. You would deploy squads of up to 12 men or women right off the bat, with casualty rates of over 50% being COMMON in the early missions before you developed proper weapons, armour and more experienced soldiers. You had to expand your operations based on funding from the various world governments while repelling the aliens on a global scale to keep them from infiltrating humanity and cutting off your support. You had to shoot down the alien UFOs as they performed their missions and raid the crash sites for whatever you could scavenge, respond to enemy terror strikes before they had a devastating effect on your public support. You had to perform the research necessary to determine the aliens' plans yourself, eventually finding their base and destroying them in a mission you constructed and organised YOURSELF, in your own time- yet in a race against the clock before the Earth's inevitable defeat. And if you didn't want a mission to end in a total wipe-out- (which DIDN'T actually cause an immediate "game over") you had to be a tactical genius, scouting, using cover for protection, laying down covering fire, destroying terrain. The designer talks about how the original game was "overwhelming"? Well, that just proves that he's COMPLETELY the wrong person to be working on a game marketed with the 'X-COM' name. The game was deep. It was brilliant. And, despite being released in 1994, it makes this piece of rubbish look like cheap, shallow crap.

Like I said, this game may have its own merits, although to be honest I'm not really that impressed by the trailer- the graphics are unimpressive, especially the creepy uncanny-valley character models, despite the alien design being intially impressive when you see they just play as "creepy looking gun-toting humans" any sense of fighting aliens just goes to waste, and completing missions seems to be more based on "give the correct command to solve this scripted problem" rather than using your head. But if they call it XCOM they immediately burden the game with the demand that it live up to the X-COM franchise- and this is a total failure. This is NOT X-COM. It does not recapture the feel of X-COM, it does not invoke the spirit of X-COM, it does not do justice to the brilliant gameplay depth of X-COM. If they'd called the game ANYTHING else I would certainly have been more generous to it, but they really have shot themselves in the foot. I feel fully justified in pre-judging this and I judge it not even slightly worth my time.

Now excuse me, I'm going back to blast some more Ethereals before they manage to overrun my underground base in Central Europe.

Get ready for mediocre reviews and high-pitched squealing from the devs about how they don't deserve it and how it's everyone else's fault for not liking their generic FPS.

This actually looks really good, but goddamnit it, developer playing the game, YOU'RE WASTING RESOURCES!

Its not a real xcom game unless my units cant hit the broad side of barn.

All trolling aside, the game does look like it has some promise to it. I just have no clue how they're going to tie this into the other xcom games as a "prequel". I mean these aliens are nothing like the ones in the other games, and unless they're a different race that fights the ones from the original games or something, its going to be a far stretch.

I really hope they dont go through the game, have you beat these ones. Then at the very end, you get a brief glimpse of a sectoid or something, with the words "to be continued..." because then it'd kind of just feel like a cheap cash in to me.

Oh well, I guess we'll see soon enough

My message to 2K:

Please for the love of god, rename that game. It will be much better received if it's allowed to stand on it's own merits. Stop claiming that you're "Re-inventing" X-com. I played the original game in my early teens and any notion of it feeling "overwhelming" was what gave it the reputation of being a scary game. The whole atmosphere of the game, the music, art stile, the genuine danger of losing your entire team during a mission, never knowing what was going to be around the corner, all of these things contributed to a racing heartbeat when the next wave of alien ships came flying in.

You sirs did not make a X-com game.

We don't want this.

We really don't.

Can someone please tell these people they're making a sequel to X-COM not 51 BLACKSITE.
They seem to have their IP confused, someone needs to set them straight right away.

This does like it could end up being a decent and even good game, but calling it a sequel to X-Com is like falling Mass Effect a sequel to X-Com.

Different time period: check.
Different aliens: check.
Different genre: check.
Different character advancement: check.
Different special abilities: check.
Different continuity: check. know, I kind of thought I would have found some sort of major difference, but ME really DOES look like what might have happened if 2k would have done a future interpretation of the game instead of jumping back in time.

So much about this seems wrong.

1. Why is your squad limited to three people? Part of X-COM involves your squad losing members, that means you need red shirts.

2. Why do the aliens only focus on the officer?

3. It feels overly scripted, no two X-COM play throughs are exactly the same because a huge chunk of it was done procedurally. We can do much more with that now, yet this game just feels scripted with too many cinematics.

4. Why do enemies use normal guns?

5. Why are they using time units? This is a real time game. You should just be treating it as as time. If something is supposed to take a large number of time units, then make it force the agents performing the action to sit there exposed instead.

6. The enemies seem pretty bland. Scripted block people aren't half as scary as the idea that there is a chryssalid on the battle field who will kill all of your soldiers and turn them into more chryssalids. Likewise the feeling when a turn is ended after firing a full automatic shot from a heavy plasma into a muton only to have it still standing is never pleasant. Then there's there will always be that first battle against etherals before you have any psionics of your own where you'll be lucky to have any of your squad survive the battle. So yeah... block enemies who "convert" civilians off screen or in cut scenes seems pretty damn weak.

I'm kind of looking forward to it now. I'll accept it as some sort of reboot origin story for X-Com, but I'll most importantly hope that if this game does well that they'll humour us with a proper strategy game.

That said, I also see this as a last chance for X-Com, if XCOM doesn't sell at all then I figure the franchise will be buried for good.

That said, it does get a few things right, squad hiring and management, capturing alien tech and taking it back for research. "Oh crap" moments when you see your opposition and fearing you won't make it at all. And having to out-think rather than out-gun your opponent in the early stages of the game.

I would like it however if you could bring more than two guys to the party, heh.

I have to say... after having just watched a movie from 1963 linked in another (Movie Bob related) thread... I had to stop and say.

There's a surprising amount of 'color' in that opening film.

I'll edit this post with more X-Com shouldn't be a FPS hate when I've finished the video.

This would look like such a good game... If they weren't trying to tell us it's X-com.

I don't even understand the logic of calling it XCOM. It won't sell more copies to fans, because it differentiates so much from the original games, and it won't sell to people who aren't fans, because they have no prior basis for whether or not it's a good series, if they even know it's supposed to be a continuation of a series.

Yeah, this has always been my thought as well. Using the XCom name doesn't actually benefit them at all. Fans of the series as it existed are just going to be ticked off that they are stealing the name for a nearly totally unrelated game. Incoming new fans of the game they are creating aren't even going to know what XCom is/was and so the name will have no cache with them anyway.

So... I have to admit. The game looks like it has some pretty interesting mechanics. It looks like it might be a fairly interesting FPS in a land of dull generic modern FPSers.

If only it wasn't called X-Com. If it were a new IP I'd be more interested in it.


I see others feel the same way I do.


Oh... and what's the point of a squad when you have to do everything.

When that shield was paying attention to you and not your squad, way didn't THEY shoot the generator?

I've always hated the one man army thing about FPSers.


After reading this thread in it's entirety, I have to downgrade my interest to "Somewhat interested if I'm ever bored enough to try it."

It's been a LONG time since I played X-Com... and I was young, so I was bad at it and always losing on my father's saved files... but I now remember, thanks to the above, what made the game so great.

Scary scary Sectopods... And the feeling of being uneasy because nothing was ever the same.

It's sad to see that this game is going to fail because of whiny fanboys drowning in Nostalgia.

All it takes is a name to make a game bad nowadays, doesn't it?

It's sad to see that this game is going to fail because of whiny fanboys drowning in Nostalgia.

All it takes is a name to make a game bad nowadays, doesn't it?

No. All it takes is to claim to be a part of something that it's not. When Bethesda announced a sequel to Fallout, they quickly shut down concerns from the fan community by showing us that they were making a game that was true to the franchise. 2K is clearly failing on that aspect. If they wanted to make this game, like that, they should have created a new franchise.

It's more sad that you don't get that.


All it takes is a name to make a game bad nowadays, doesn't it?

Names are powerful. Like words, names are identity.

If we started to use the wrong words and just accepted it, it would mean the end of communication.

Nothing so destructive would happen with the misuse of a name, but would you not complain if the next Halo game were sports related? Or if you went to see a "Fast and the Furious" movie and found it was about RC boats?

Names are identity, and it's expected that that identity be respected.

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