Trailers: Firefall - Gameplay Trailer

Firefall - Gameplay Trailer

There's a lot of things to blast in the upcoming skill-based shooter.

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It might just be me (oh wait, this is the internet :D) But I am seriouslty excited for this game. Not only because it's F2P but if I like it, I can invest as much money as I want into the game, be that a small or large amount. Either way I'll get to decide. On top of that it looks like it could be a very fun and interesting game to boot.

Looks very, very, very, very, very.......Oh. PC only. Shit. Need to upgrade to play beta. Looks so awesome.

Most of the gameplay trailers make the combat look very Borderlands-y, but this one made it look very Mass Effect 2-y.

I'm not sure which I like more! Probably borderlands, as I grew up on FPS, and over-the-shoulder shooters are newer. But either way I think I would enjoy the combat, it looks very active.

I hope the rewards of open world bug-smashing are worthwhile, as even though I'll be smashing stuff just for kicks, I would like to profit from my exploits.

Really excited for this game. Been following it since the start of the year.
Getting new computer today, so I'm ready for it :D

Heh gotta say, the Escapist was quite late bringing that trailer to this site considering it is my main source of gaming news, but if it will still bring interest to people that have yet to see it then I won't argue. XD I have been very excited ever since news of it surfaced up from this site last year.

Oh yeah better add this while I still can, those coming from the Firefall website to deliver comments, yes they will come for a reason: If you have not done so yet, do at least look around this website. It has some stuff around that I enjoy watching.

So... Why no helmets? Seems not very safe.

Reminds me very much of the Tribes games. Which is a good thing. Might have to give the beta a try. :)


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