Trailers: SOL: Exodus - PAX Gameplay Trailer

SOL: Exodus - PAX Gameplay Trailer

Whatever you do in this space flight simulator, don't ask anyone named Porkins to cover you.

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Yes please!

This looks far from groundbreaking, but I would love an excuse to break out my joystick and blow some shit up.


I want to like this, I really do. I mean, dogfights in space? Great! Sign me up!

But that did not look remotely exciting. It looked... well, to be completely honest, kind of dreary.

hmm, certainly has potential but it still needs some work

Read the Facebook comment on the physics.
I would also like to say few things, the "shoot here to hit him" is very stupid, isn't figuring out by yourself the whole point of these games? And I find it hard to believe that with the technology of "space dog fighting" and space heat seeking missiles they don't have side guns instead of just 2 in the front. The early 2000 flight simulators seem far superior. (Btw, any remakes or new ones soon?)

I'm more excited about the new x3 game this looked pretty awful to me.


(Btw, any remakes or new ones soon?)

The freespace 2 mods are pretty awesome if you don't mind playing the same game again but they also have some new campaigns as well. Plus it's cheap on gog.

1st question, can I switch to a 3rd person view? 2nd question, can this thing go faster? 3rd question, is this the final product? Because frankly, that looked like something you could run on the Gamecube, though I certainly could be mistaken on that. That AI character sounds like people are going to tolerate her for maybe a minute, and the enemies just didn't seem at all interested in fighting.

ah be nice for some1 to actually apply real physics into a space flight game. Though i would imagine that would be quite vomit inducing XD

Everything flys like its in an atmosphere, i.e. ships and missiles fly in arcs. Evasion in space should be a bunch of sharp zig zags, assuming the thrusters can overcome the inertia of the ship in any given direction instantaneously. Also there would be no need for continuous thrust for that matter (unless accelerating)

Game looks dated :(


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