Trailers: The Secret World - Beta Sign-Up Trailer

The Secret World - Beta Sign-Up Trailer

Who will secretly rule the world?

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Risk, MMO edition.

Risk, MMO edition.

Thats what it seems like to me.
The concept looks interesting, but the gameplay looks kind of boring.
I'll give it a chance though.

A zombie wearing glasses?!?!

Now I've seen everything!

But seriously, it's nice to know that all three factions can back up while shooting large, lumbering monsters.

That's what we call balance.

Some nice modeling though.

Templar, templar, templar. And also, I really hope they don't mess up the myths and legends. I really hope the utilize the source material properly, say if there's a trickster demon kind of thing, that trickster demon should toy with you and your party before ultimately going for the throat.

Wow ... it sure does look like a reskinned Age of Conan. Some of those maps look soooo much like Cimmeria. I'll maybe give it a go on the demo - and I'm probably Illuminati, although it looks like they consider Australia staunch Dragon territory.


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