Trailers: Hawken: Desert Gameplay

Nice to see there is a third person view mode, at least for some actions.

This is a certain purchase for me. I'm waiting anxiously for it to be released, and most games don't get that from me. Lookin' good guys.

I want a giant boss fight. Like some huge fortress that you have to jump on to finally defeat. I saw the giant flying thing and all I thought was SHOOOOOTTTT ITTTT.

I will buy this game as soon as its released. I love mech games so much... just wish someone would make another mech commander too.

GL hawken

I cannot wait for this game. Question to the mech fans: are you going through any of your Mechwarrior/Eva/Gundam/etc related stuff and trying to figure out a nice, obscure name that only mech fans will get? I'm kind of thinking of going with "Tres" for a name. Or maybe "00 Rising". What about the rest of you all?


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