Drinking Games: Resident Elixir 5

Resident Elixir 5

Sometimes a game is so racist, you just have to take a drink. Join Dan, Chris and Kyle as they try to drown the oppression with drink, and don't forget to post or tweet your rules to this wonderfully intolerant game, Resident Evil 5.

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Just, just go away.

I've been steadily watching this series and all I can say is: You guys are dorks. =P

My favourite episode yet :D

Keep it up!

you can tell the types of vid's on this site that arn't gonna be around for long by the size of the comments once its been up for a bit. the escapist is at its lowest ebb.

Awesome video. In particular I loved the first rule. We would also have accepted 'from 1 to Al Jolsen'.

For anybody who's somehow missed it, one of Chris' quotes is from renowned humorist Dave Chappelle:

We could always get some cheap indigenous labor..
But we're not a pharmaceutical company!
Good video as always guys.

One of these days, you're gonna have to make one of these in which you guys are totally wasted right from the start

I agree with Kyle, that is not a very good game.

Also, in honor of this show I have started taking shots of Bourbon while playing Red Dead Redemption. You know, for the authenticity...and to make my head feel fuzzy. RDR can be construed as racist too, so maybe I'll start applying rules to my Bourbon quaffing instead of just doing it willy-nilly. Now if you will excuse me, I have to go raid a convent.

Haha, funny episode.

"Only racist for those looking for racism" Indeed good, Sirs. Indeed.

"knee-deep in racism" and "we should be wearing safari hats" cracked me up. Especially since you were using the infinite rocket launcher at that time xD

EDIT Wrong thread somehow

I don't get it. WHAT racism in RE5? You mean to tell me that people in Africa are not normally melanin-enhanced? Dammit! "National Geographic" magazine has been lying to me for decades! The bastards!

I guess your ability to get drunk would depend on whether you are a normal person or Al Sharpton. If the latter were to play RE5 by your rules, he'd get alcohol poisoning before the end of the first level.

*sigh* you guys are getting worse with every episode. its not even stupid funny anymore...its just kinda sad.

I am growing to love this series more and more with each episode. Keep up the good work, guys, and ignore the haters. I particularly enjoy the annals of gaming history, although this episode's was not the best.


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