Tales from the Table: Chapter 12: A Tale of a Princess and an Elf

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Chapter 12: A Tale of a Princess and an Elf

Distractions of a romantic nature disrupt Game proceedings. Will this change the group dynamic forever?

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"Is that an elven thing" had me on the floor.

Also, more eyebrow movements from the gamemaster, please.

Interesting place to hide your tea cozy.

the funniest show on the escapist atm. the game master has such abundance of range. and love the self-referencing "image rights bit" very good. brilliant writing.

"You got wood?" That was epic. Really great episode, very funny yet dramatic. Only thing is that it kinda sucks we didn't get to see the group's reactions at the end of the episode.

I'm starting to love this show, its turning into a real work of art.

This is some of the best black comedy played totally straight I've seen in ages.

I love this show and I thought this episode was of very high quality, an excellent piece of work. As a point of criticism though, the cutting between scenes was really choppy, moreso than the other episodes. I still think Episode 11 was THE best episode I have ever seen on the Escapist, so keep up the amazing work! I hope you actually manage to finish the series instead of it being cut short like a few others.

Great Episode. Love the series.
I watch them all but don't comment every time, but its so good to see how you have made the real and game world work so good together.
Great character development.
You think they are going to the normal epic cheese, but then you just back away from the edge.
Can't wait for the next episode.
Oh ya and the princess with the bad ass kill, was awesome. Can't wait to see her decimate groups of enemies with some sort of, AOE spell.

Sooo Good! Ceredryn can be really scary when she's pushed. Loved it!

Wow who would of thought that the DM can play DM? Anyway it's a good episode so now the gang will be reunited once more in the coming episodes!

I love this show. Seen each episode, and I cant wait for the next

Is it a bad thing that I love that bard?

Because I do. Don't know why, but I always laugh my ass off when he's around.

That was seven shades of AWESOME!
Well worth the wait.

I especially love the line "Is that an Elven thing?", I laughed SO hard I had to rewind the video to see what I missed.

I wonder how they'll top this episode?

Delightfully retarded. Gotta appreciate that dig at the 'shipping community. Out of the whole group I think that pair would probably be the least happy doing the horizontal mambo with each other, which is was made it such a great episode.

I was kinda hoping for some sad-panda Thordin in the beginning though, given his hilariously misguided attempt at working things out with his former special ladies last episode.

Great show. Very glad it's here.

This is a great show, but I do hope you guys have something awesome in mind for ending it. It's been getting better every episode, but it has to stop some time.

Excellent. Its nice to see that Falcore got his Elven hair back; it was a great little subplot with his selfishness, fall from grace, and journey of redemption. For an amateur production like this, its nice to see the writing is capable of both "randomness" and excellent continuity - the characters continue to become more fleshed out both in their real world and game incarnations. Well done; I feel its certainly the best "entertainment" series on The Escapist. (as opposed to review or critical series).

Great episode. Just keeps on getting better every show.

You can never go wrong with a bit of Terry Jones. :)

the crappy hair in back

Hehehe, fake boot tops over runners/hiking shoes. I totally used that in a school play for medieval-y boots too! =)

Unrelentingly awesome series! The acting range of the DM is off the charts, and I'm impressed with the continued freshness of the scripts.
This really reminds me of the second 'the gamers' movie. Any plans like that for the future?

love the dm and all the npcs he has played but the bard is the best and this newest one the bounty hunter just had a great costume

btw anyone else think that the tea cozy was really a tea bag cozy?

Is it a bad thing that I love that bard?

Because I do. Don't know why, but I always laugh my ass off when he's around.

Yes, because like the bard in blackadder you are supposed to want to smack him. Thus he is doing a good job. The bard always gets his in the end!

Love this show and want more of it!

Oh, they're gonna get some action all right. Heyoo!

Edit: (7:05, where they roll ones.) I use my minor action to feel shame.


The Dm guy is great and all but, a little more different.

Great episode.

Only one problem is that the High Quality on this one doesn't work, it's same as LQ.

This was an amazing episode :D So many good bits.

I still think they'd be slightly cooler if it felt like the more of an over-arching story than these one episode stories with only a little bit of relation to each other.

But I can't deny these were brilliant and you got me laughing loads :D


The Dm guy is great and all but, a little more different.

I think you are right. They should hair from here. http://youtu.be/7dyl0j3WU6Y

Also, the bit under the blanket had me in stitches... so good!

Did you guys notice at the begin the elf says As you wish.

"I had the strangest dream. And you were there! And you were there! And you were-oh..."

I am loving this series. The only question that remains now is what will keep his "tea" warm?

"DAMNIT!" That was great this is a very accurate and awesome show about table-top all the episodes are awesome and i can't wait for the next.

That was brilliant.
Enjoy every second of it :D
Possibly one of my favorite episodes!

yea character development

Absolute Gold!
The portrayal of "young love" really worked great. The sense of awkwardness and shyness comes across perfectly. And the end was just ... perfect.

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