Zero Punctuation: Driver: San Francisco

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Driver: San Francisco

This week, Zero Punctuation is pleasantly surprised by Driver: San Francisco.

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For some reason the opening comments made me laugh way more than they should have >_>

Anyways, I'll have to give this a look. I still remember playing the demo of the original game, now I feel old...

The whole astral plane projection into other bodies (even if it's a dream) just seems terribly contrived to me. This has been a real deal breaker to me. Enjoyable video though.

This might be the first driver game I try, I'm glad they broke away from the whole 'gta clone' label.

and the whole coma thing seems like a nice twist too especially since they didn't wait till the end for the big reveal

I was planning on getting this at some point anyways... but damn! Yahtzee likes it too!?
Must be made from Unicorns and Rainbows.

Wonder what his other top 5 will be, Saints Row The Third me thinks :3

My first thought of the astral projection concept in a Driver game made me question my own sanity, "No fucking way can they be serious about this, this is possibly the goofyest idea for a drving game ever", but to my surprise it actually works.

I was seriously stunned by how well it fit into the game, I was expecting this to be another massive flop from Ubisoft but instead I have to agree that this is deffinitly one the best surprises of the year.

Now the questions is... Xbox or PC?

I liked Driver 2 and now I think it might be worth it to check this out at some point.

Y'know, it's nice every once in a while to be surprised by an overwhelmingly positive Yahtzee review.

As good as the review was, the last punchline really cracked me up: "Sweet jump currently trading favorable against the Euro"! Also, I might just give it a try. Now I just have to decide if I should brush off the dust of my 350 or just buy it on my awesome PC. Hmm....

A positive review? WHAT.

Anyway I'l likely pick this game up when the price drops a little!

Great review, the moment when Tanner is driving, his partner beside him, a dick hanging out of his car, and Tanner about to blow his own brains out, was too funny.

I'm gonna be singing that song in my head all night now, as the only way to stop it is to listen to it. And once I start listening to Robert Smith, I can never stop.
Might have to look into this game, maybe download a demo if there is one.

Shit I was watching my brother play this game yesterday and didn't think it looked to good. But hell if you say so. Might give it a try after all.

A Driver game that isn't an annoyingly sluggish frustration fest?

Who'da thunk?

I'm not into driving games at all, but when I read about the possesion mechanic I really went WTF??? I could not see that work at all. But apparently it does. Yahtzee has spoken. All mortals bow to his will! I might get it by the time it hits the bargain bin.

Now the questions is... Xbox or PC?

I liked Driver 2 and now I think it might be worth it to check this out at some point.

Xbox, the PC version have this terrible always online DRM.

Wait what? I saw 'Driver San Francisco' and just thought wow this is gonna be a total slam feast. But nope he actually enjoyed the game and the interesting game feature. Part of me feels betrayed the other part is curious if this game is coming out on the PC.

I've got to say I'm really surprised he liked Driver: San Francisco, I'm even more surprised he didn't mention the game's liberal use of the dirt aesthetic. Just goes to show; you think you've got this guy's mindset down and then he throws curve-ball like this right at your face.

Wait wait wait wait.

This is a real thing?
This wasn't just taking the piss out of a terrible game by creating an entirely fictitious one?


I didn't really expect him to like the game, let alone so much. But it is indeed a fantastic game and one that freshens up the driving genre a whole lot.

And since Yahtzee doesn't seem to think he has the experience to talk about how good the driving physics are I will for him. They are great. The cars all feel unique and are fun to drive. But they are all very prone to oversteer, as is in line with the car chase movie feel of the game. Once you get your head around that concept it becomes mush easier to understand.

I also noticed rubber-banding to be a bit of an issue in some of the races (mostly the ones where you had to get 2 cars to finish at the front of the pack, mostly because the car you don't control at the time decides that the best thing to do in a race is stop and have a coffee at the cafe) but the problem is easily solved by just crashing out the other competitors.

I dunno. The game sounds a bit ...contrived. Ah well.

I had a feeling he'd like it, the general tone I've gotten from reviews have been: surprisingly fun.

Even though I don't listen to reviews often, I may consider buying this game.

I played Driv3r years ago on the PS2 and that game sucked big time, and I played Wheelman and that was a Vin Diesel Driver game with tricks that can be seen from all of the Fast and Furious movies. It was okay, but the story was short and some of the challenges were tough. Once I get my PS3 fixed either this week or next, I'll be able to buy the games I want. Either this or Dead Island.

The first thing that I thinked when I saw driver sf was that this game will be fucking shit , but then after watching the demo I was really suprised about how good it actually looks .
And Im the worst racing player on the planet .

Oh god, the Trekkies are gonna be in uproar.

It's odd, there seems to be an almost film-school demarcation between the GTA series and the Driver series based solely on whether the pedestrians act like numptys or not.

Might give it a look though.

Wow, I hadn't heard anything about the posession mechanic (probably because I don't care about racers either)but now I'm pretty interested. Lately I'm into games with posession, like E.Y.E or Geist.

I take it Yahtzee's not a fan of NWN2, then.

That game's Rocks Fall Everybody Dies, No We Mean This Literally makes my eyes fountain blood.

I remember making all kinds of weird david lynch inspired short movies with drivthreer, so I might give just give it a shot for the director mode alone.

I was mostly just making fun of this game until some real gameplay videos and reviews started going up. It sounds so bat-shit crazy as a concept I never imagined it might actually be a good game in the end.

I will likely pick this up at some point now. If even Yahtzee can be taken by it's charms, then a bonifide petrol head should love it.

Also I guess we won't waste any time hoping for a Forza 4 ZP with the whole "not into cars" thing being so heavily on display in this one. Ah well, probably for the best.

I'm pleasantly surprised by this review and the fact that Yahtzee loved it.

I might give it a shot when it comes out on the PC on the 27th.

Wonder what his other top 5 will be, Saints Row The Third me thinks :3

I was wondering the same thing. Of course being a big fan of Dead Rising, I naturally hope he'll pick up and help promote Off The Record since he liked DR2 so much last year. And maybe Batman if it turns out as good as well all hope it does.

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