Zero Punctuation: Driver: San Francisco

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I will probably by fired today for insisting my next paycheck be made out in Sweet Jumps instead of US dollars.

Hmm ... I'm confused. Was this review being ironic?

I chortled at the fat ass-tral projection at the end.

"He's bad, you're good, alright?"

I want that on a T-Shirt. Now.

EDIT: Also, why does everyone think he's being ironic, as soon as he says something positive about a game? It was pretty obvious he did really like it, and even if I'm wrong, why is it such a big deal. These reviews are meant to be funny, AND criticize games. If you can't handle not having the same opinion as some popular guy whom everyone on this forum supposedly likes, then why are you even on the internet?

Okay, I'm sorry for that.

I remember playing Driver sometime back in the PS1 era. Didn't think much of it back then so i watched this with low expectations.

I hadn't even heard this game was out until now so i figured it's be some under-the-radar bull shit that stemmed from a forgotten time.

Boy, do i feel stupid now? The whole posession thing actually sounds pretty interesting, and since he and i apparently have the same relationship with driving games then maybe i WILL change my mind for once just because he liked it.

I liked the whole "astral projection" thingy but I played the demo and I felt that the cars handled terribly, plus the black cop-partner is too clicheed for me to enjoy

My first thought of the astral projection concept in a Driver game made me question my own sanity, "No fucking way can they be serious about this, this is possibly the goofyest idea for a drving game ever", but to my surprise it actually works.

I was seriously stunned by how well it fit into the game, I was expecting this to be another massive flop from Ubisoft but instead I have to agree that this is deffinitly one the best surprises of the year.

I think the rationale here might be, if you come up with an idea as seriously fucking bonkers as a cop who Astral projects into civilian bystanders, the best you can do is abandon all pretense of seriousness and just go nuts and make the most of it.

they dont need cars in oz they just hop on one of those insainly large birds that look like a fether duster on legs... an emu, thats the word

Hm! You know, I was going to be upset that he didn't review Dead Island, but for the most part I liked this review. I'm gonna have to try this game now. Never heard of it, never thought of it, but now that I have... It might be intriguing.

Well, the demo sucked super hard, so I am inclined to disagree with Yahzee on this one.

first ZP that made me laugh since a long time ago
maybe gonna check that thing out

'I try to laugh about it, cover it all up with lies. I try to laugh about it, hiding the tears in my eyes. 'Cus boys...don't cry. Boooys doooon't cryyy.'

Damnit! That songs going to be stuck in my head all day! Huh? Oh right, the review. The gimmick and the ludicrous storyline does seem like it would be fun and I actually rather like racing games as it is, so this astral projection thing would be great to shake things up. No way in hell I'd pay full price for it, but if it drops down to about £15-20 then I might just check it out.

yahtzee surprised me on this one heh but yea been loving driver for the few weeks ive had it now. only real gripe is the invisible walls (mostly because being able to shift out of cars at will makes me really want to try and get them stuck in odd places..having airwalls block me from landing in a tree is a little disappointing)

I think Yahtzee got laid. He seems abnormally chipper this time around...

I didn't only make this account to point out a spelling error in the video, I'm not that kind of person.....

Who am I kidding?

Oh.... also, I may encourage a friend to purchase this game, as I'm a plebite with no console or pc that could run this game

I like how near the end the song on the radio was Boys Don't Cry by The Cure. Great taste!

Is it just me, or does Yahtzee seemingly prefer games that have strong toy components over games that are purely goals and challenges?

Quite a funny review, but the statement that "driving = 2 hours of sitting" is pretty damn stupid, especially considering that it's coming from someone like Yahtzee.

I'm genuinely amazed at how ignorant so many people are about the physical demands of racing.

I think Yahtzee got laid. He seems abnormally chipper this time around...

No, he just befriended Dave the seagull.

Frankly, I'm glad they decided to reveal the whole "plot twist" very early on.

Imagine you would've learned in the final cutscene that everything was in his head... it would've felt like every other story that tried this:

like a complete ASSPULL...

as such we have a fun little delusion to play... not much unlike, say, a video game...
I like this a lot.

Yes, I created an account just to growl about how physically demanding motorsport really is. Michael Schumacher started a trend for F1 drivers to get fit and now they all do it. Two hours pulling many G's of acceleration in every direction is exhausting and these guys have to be super fit. A single lap at racing speed would probably kill you. Yes Internet, that is an exaggeration. Anyway, enough troll food for you.

The driving is kind of average, I found. Cars don't really control in a very realistic fashion, except for when it comes to breaking. By that I mean it's really fucking difficult to turn corners. On that note, there are some fun ideas behind it. I remember the mission I played where you have to get in first and second with two specific cars, so you have to essentially position them and then juggle between them so the AI didn't fuck up your hard work. Suprisingly fun.

The Human Torch:
The whole astral plane projection into other bodies (even if it's a dream) just seems terribly contrived to me. This has been a real deal breaker to me. Enjoyable video though.

So an innovative feature not seen anywhere else in any video game ever is a deal breaker to you? You're weird.

I have to say I'm surprised Yahtzee liked this game. I think is a lot of fun, but I expected him to hate it. This is definitely the best Driver in the series. The overall feel reminds me so much of Driver 1 for some reason. And that's a big plus.

Adam Jensen:

The Human Torch:
The whole astral plane projection into other bodies (even if it's a dream) just seems terribly contrived to me. This has been a real deal breaker to me. Enjoyable video though.

So an innovative feature not seen anywhere else in any video game ever is a deal breaker to you? You're weird.

o_o leaping between bodies isn't exactly a new idea even for a game.

I'm pretty sure Yatzhee hated on the exact same leaping between bodies thing in FEAR 3. Though I haven't played FEAR 3 so I can't really say if they are similar. Personally I didn't like Driver: San Francisco and thought it would be a new Yatzhee punching sack. Each to his own I guess.

It should have been the perfect murder. Kill a man and disappear for fifty years. The witnesses all swear the killer was in his late teens or early twenties whereas you're pushing seventy. But then Aslan tried to blackmail you didn't he? Still, I would never have figured it out if you hadn't tried to dispose of the wardrobe.

Midnight Voyager:
I take it Yahtzee's not a fan of NWN2, then.

That game's Rocks Fall Everybody Dies, No We Mean This Literally makes my eyes fountain blood.

Until you play Mask of the Betrayer, bizarrely subverting that bullshit in a totally unlikable way.

Wow. Unfortunately the review is meaningless in my opinion by what Yahtzee himself said... He hasn't played a lot of driving games.

The driving in Driver is absolutely atrocious. While I find the story to be interesting and the concept of 'shifting' to be a fresh new idea, the whole package falls flat on its face when the driving in a game called Driver is so weak and unwieldy.

lol A return to form for Zero Punctuation imo

Lol I'm sure Yahtzee just multiplied the total sales of Driver:Sf by about 700.

Yahtzee Croshaw:

Scott Bakula did not ruin Star Trek.

The series was so tired, overused, and run into the ground by the time of Star Trek: Enterprise, the series death was inevitable.

Driver came out of nowhere with many postive critic reviews, it surprises me greatly! The concept seemed so... lame, and I just chalked this to be Ubisoft's last hurrah for the Driver series, but at this point (if the sales line up) the franchise may become relevent again. The question is, though, how far will the gimmick of "quantum leaping" will go...

Great review, as usual. I suppose I'll have to see what all the positive reviews are about.

I played the demo for this, and it was one of the worst things I ever laid my hands on. Maybe they improved on it...doubtful. I think Yahtzee was just drunk.

This might be the first driver game I try, I'm glad they broke away from the whole 'gta clone' label.

and the whole coma thing seems like a nice twist too especially since they didn't wait till the end for the big reveal

Actually, the first two had a nice sunny retro cop French Connection vibe to them and didn't give two shits about being GTA to thep oint where you could only get on foot to find another car to continue the mission with, up until the abysmal third game.

Looked for a demo, UbiSoft refused to make one for the PC.
Eeeexcellent UbiSoft, my willingless to give you any amount of money just shrunk to its possible minimum I believe. Especially after the terrible AC ports and your DRM fetish.

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