Zero Punctuation: Driver: San Francisco

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Hmm, after spending way too much time with the training level of the first game back in the day (fucking thing was atrociously hard), I didn't spend too much time with the rest of the game. It was all right and stuff but then I had Carmageddon which was godlike, so you know the rest of the story. Seeing this review, I actually want to try a new Driver game, hope it's really that good.

Also, glad that this (or any other game to be honest) was reviewed in favor of Dead Island, which for the life of me I can't care one bit about. Guess I had enough of zombies.

"Indestructible butterfly" .... I chuckled at that :D

Also it's okay Yahtzee ... I haven't even taken my driver's test yet :'D

I thought this was going to be a surprise hit over a year ago when it was announced. Now all the reviewers say I was right, and I can't even play it yet, not until Steam lets it out the door :<

But how does a Sweet Jump hold up against Refined Metal? <-TF2 joke

But seriously, I may have to check this out now. I hadn't even realized it existed to be honest. Though it'll likely have to wait till I've caught up a bit on everything else I've been buying lately.

wow he lied it...woww nice hahaha

and when he made the comment about jacking a student driver, I was biting into a muffin and nearly spat it out laughing

I wonder how much Ubisoft paid the escapist/yahtzee for this overwhelmingly positive review.

I was mostly just making fun of this game until some real gameplay videos and reviews started going up. It sounds so bat-shit crazy as a concept I never imagined it might actually be a good game in the end.

I will likely pick this up at some point now. If even Yahtzee can be taken by it's charms, then a bonifide petrol head should love it.

Also I guess we won't waste any time hoping for a Forza 4 ZP with the whole "not into cars" thing being so heavily on display in this one. Ah well, probably for the best.

That's how I felt, too. I thought the idea was ridiculous, as did pretty much everybody if I remember the thread correctly.

But... it works! And it works great!

This game is a love letter to car lovers.

I'm surprised nobody has likened the "Shift" mechanic to a child playing with his Hot Wheels toys. That's exactly what it feels like to me... when I was young, I'd set up elaborate chase sequences, and cause the random traffic car to lose control and create an obstacle for the chase. The feeling of being able to zoom out and make any car on the road do whatever you want takes me back to those days of playing with my toy cars.

So basically Ubisoft did a little shuffling together of Assassin's Creed and Driver .. Nice idea and all .. but it still involves Ubisoft. No thanks.

...I want to live in a country where the currency is sweet jumps. I don't care what the going rate is!

I knew it! I totally and completely knew Driver San Francisco was a good game! When I watched the trailers, I thought "This game is gonna be lame." But when I played the demo, I thought, "This game fucking rocks!" And Yahtzee agrees with me! The ultimate confirmation of a good game!

I haven't played a Driver game since the first one on PSX. Damn I feel old now.

Awesome, sounds like one of those games worth picking up when they are cheap. Nothing special, just guilty fun. (Speaking of which, good call on Just Cause 2 Yahtzee).

I hate Captcha's :/

This might be the first driver game I try, I'm glad they broke away from the whole 'gta clone' label.

I think if anything it's the other way around, GTA was just always more fun.

Yahtzee you obviously know nothing about motorsports if you think they're as physically demanding as sitting in a chair. Formula 1 is one of the most physically demanding sports out there. I guess you think flying a jet is not physically demanding either.

Im still gobsmacked that he reviewed a driving game.

Thank you Yahtzee. He DID ruin Star Trek!

Also your review was very funny, but you already knew that.

I don't care much for driving games either... though the possession thing in this game sounds like fun.

Honestly, it doesn't sound like it has very good driving mechanics from how Yahtzee describes it, but it does sound decently fun. Still not gonna get it, though. Just like Yahtzee I'm not much for driving games.

Best line ever: "Yes, it kinda is so fucking goofy that Disney would file a restraining order."
I'm gonna have to use that in my day to day life.

So, anyone else look at the first comment while making a little mental bet as to what the infraction was? I was betting on him saying "FIRST", but it was a low content offense.

i played the demo and the driving physics were disgustingly terrible. yes i know its an arcade racer. terrible. what a shame. maybe the physics aren't to bad as the game progresses. any thoughts?

I thought Tanner was going to project out of the ice cream guy's body, looking lean as ever, leaving the poor ice cream guy to deal with the morbid obesity Tanner's gorging had left him with...

And I was just considering replaying NWN2...weird co-incidence.

Couldn't have been less interested in this game. And after the rubberbanding point, I'm still not, in spite of Yahtzee's weirdly glowing review.

Finally, a racing game I might even enjoy for once.

Wow. Unfortunately the review is meaningless in my opinion by what Yahtzee himself said... He hasn't played a lot of driving games.

The driving in Driver is absolutely atrocious. While I find the story to be interesting and the concept of 'shifting' to be a fresh new idea, the whole package falls flat on its face when the driving in a game called Driver is so weak and unwieldy.

Yahtzee reviews whatever but whenever he reviews a game he's not very well seasoned in. well usually it turns out like monster hunter so this was a real change of pace. Personally If you want a really good review of this game you should probably look just about anywhere else. Yahtzee just made a nice video out of this is all.

Seriously why is everyone befuddled?


I might give it a shot when it comes out on the PC on the 27th.

Well, don't forget to crack it and break some ToS, 'cause the DRM's batshit.

Well, I'm genuinely surprised that Yahtzee ended up liking the game. I wasn't sure about the teleporting to any car you want mechanic from the early reviews, but it looks to improve the pacing of the game quite a bit. So I think I'll give it a try.

No , the game is good . Why dont you like it ? It isnt realistic ?


Adam Jensen:

The Human Torch:
The whole astral plane projection into other bodies (even if it's a dream) just seems terribly contrived to me. This has been a real deal breaker to me. Enjoyable video though.

So an innovative feature not seen anywhere else in any video game ever is a deal breaker to you? You're weird.

o_o leaping between bodies isn't exactly a new idea even for a game.


Been done once or twice...decades ago.

But how does a Sweet Jump hold up against Refined Metal? <-TF2 joke

Sweet Jump = Stout Shako, so 2 refined. <-Another TF2 joke.

i was hoping for a pc demo (i haven't used my steering wheel since GRID), but the 360 version is damn decent. i shall be purchasing this game.

Yahtzee Croshaw:
Driver: San Francisco

This week, Zero Punctuation is pleasantly surprised by Driver: San Francisco.

Watch Video

If you can't pass a driving test in Australia, please take the hint; take the taxi and stay the fuck off the road. It's bad enough as it is.

Casual Shinji:
A Driver game that isn't an annoyingly sluggish frustration fest?

Who'da thunk?

thats why i didn't get it ;) but will pick it up when it's REALLY CHEAP lol

Also i played and HATED the orginals cos of the stupid handling, the almost impossible difficulty, the stupid ai, the hit a newspaper stand and spin out/ crash / dead stop mission failed(when chasing).

is this the same or better ? pm me please ;)

"$1.65 = 1sj"

Australian XBL users see what you did there.

I dunno where else to put this.

I find it hilarious that there is an ad on these Zero Punctuation Vids that adverts Miracle of Sound as "Press X to Rock" despite Yahtzee's Known Hatred of "Press X to not Die" QTE's.

I ruined Star Trek! LOL nice

So glad everyone seems to like this game, Driver has always held a place in my heart mostly for the first 3 games and i especially like this one.

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