Trailers: Max Payne 3

Max Payne 3

Max Payne returns for revenge in the ultra gritty third installment of the franchise.

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I'm a believer. I still have hope....

I have been really afraid of how they might jinx this up, but the trailer looked.. better than expected. So I'm crossing my fingers and doing a little wish dance that it might be an ok follow-up to some of the, in my book, best shooter games ever.

This is a fucking joke. Max Payne my ass. That's friggin' Grand Theft Auto minus the Auto. Max is a skinny little nobody who had the misfortune of being on the wrong place in the wrong time and bumping into stuff he shouldn't have. That was the great part about the games. Max is a REAL person, not some fucking Rambo Metal Marine which does job 'only he can do'. Another great game ruined by Rockstar/Take2 whatever. Mafia was the last victim.

Bored my pants off just watching the trailer, but the ending made me chuckle with "PRE-ORDER NOW"... ya I think not :D

Murder, I claim murder on this one. They should never made anything past 2. Not even that GOD AWFUL film...

Wow, I didn't realize we were getting a Die Hard video game. Awesome.

At least the trailer music was good.

I'm not convinced it will be bad...but I'm not yet convinced it will be good, either. Also, is it just me, or is the music from the second game rather out of place here?

I like how they showed Max get behind cover just once. It's almost like they're saying: "it's NOT going to be a cover-based shooter with regenerating health, and press-of-a-button bullet time to make it even EASIER for you to play whack-a-mole with an AK. Honestly!"

Sure Rockstar. I believe you /sarcasm.

He went from looking like Mulder to John McClain. As for the gameplay, yeah. I can't freaking wait. I can't believe it's coming in March! That's going to be one HELL of a month, even if it is a month after my birthday.

call me interested. very interested.

Doesn't look half-bad. To satisfy my nostalgia, I hope references and homages are made to the last two entries. I'm just immensely happy James McCaffrey is back, too. The loss of the comic-stylized cutscenes is noticeable, however. It helped to give the series its "noir" feel.

In any case: "In Rockstar I Trust". Let's get this game to release!

Is he trying to imitate current Bruce Willis or Sam Fisher with that hairdo?
Seriously, I hate bald guys. Please make it an option to have him have his OWN damn hair...

I'm not as nervous as I was before.

Hmm... Opinion has shifted from "Damn it Vlad, it's almost definitely going to suck" to "Actually Vinnie, yeah it'll probably suck but I can hope."

I think I'll hold judgement till the reviews.

... I think Rockstar might pull it off. Love that theme song, but it doesn't fit the actual theme and setting of the game. We'll see and hope for now.

The quality looks top-notch, I'm sure it will be a good game... maybe.

That being said... WTFUUU

When the trailer first kicked off I was thinking, "Okay, hrm.. grizzled alcoholic Max Payne living in South America, about to bump into more baddies, okay I run with this."

Then he shaved his head, and it started looking a lot like Kane & Lynch, which is a bad thing.

Well... that looked shockingly good compared to what I expected...

Something to keep an eye on for sure.

That doesn't look or feel like Max Payne at all. The theme music didn't fit content.
It looks like another case where someone wants to make a game and the publisher decides to use one of its unused IPs to make more money off it.
I won't be getting that game.

I found the broken story of Max Payne extremely compelling. Part deux, not so much. And now this? Nada. Oh, I'm sure it will be a slightly above par shooter because Rockstar is involved, and I'm tempted to buy it just because it has "Max Payne" in the title, but I won't buy it.

I won't be a party to this. Not Max Payne; not my favorite childhood game.

I've been waiting for this game for years, so...even if it was poop I would've been happy.

Bit dubious and I'm usually partial to new things, but Max Payne had a very distinctive style and I don't see it here. I'll wait and see.

not sure what i should think of it yet. what happened to the dark, gritty atmosphere we all know from the previous games? i hope it will not be a cover based, regenerating health game. getting really sick of it.
just started to play part 2 again. still the best MP game. hell lot of fun.

They are going with the "A girl has been kidnapped, I must save her!"- storyline? Really? -______________-

Wow, I didn't realize we were getting a Die Hard video game. Awesome.

Die Hard? I thought this was Man on Fire.

Wow, I didn't realize we were getting a Die Hard video game. Awesome.

thank's for the early morning chuckle my friend!

... now I need to go watch something with Bruce Willis in... and a beer!

At least the trailer music was good.

Are you kidding? That's just the cello motif from the theme, ripped straight from Max Payne 2. To me it didn't even feel like it fit the trailer, just a desperate attempt to make viewers believe it was still Max Payne in some way.

Now, I think Rockstar have a team of very talented writers and developers, but they should have left this IP to Sam Lake. It might still be a good game, but I'm banking on it not being a good Max Payne game, if yknawmean. Rockstar should stick to their GTAs and leave it at that, because it seems that's the only sort of story treatment they can do.

Wait wait wait, the story seems a lot like "Man on Fire" except set in a different place...


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