Trailers: Trine 2 - Environment Trailer

Trine 2 - Environment Trailer

Trine 2 shows that you don't always have to adventure in dark caves and dungeons.

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Looks amazing! I really liked the first Trine because of the simple fairytale-like story that made me feel calm inside, unlike some other (J)Rpg's that uses Story as a torture device. The landscapes and audio from this trailer brings the same calm feeling.
The only way Trine could have been better was if it was voiced by Cpt. Picard.

Games are Art. If something let's you freely explore a world so mind-blowingly beautiful and can be nothing BUT a true work of art. Trine 2. I await your arrival with baited breath.

Yes.. It is Trine allright..

I need not say anything else..

Anyone know of a way to turn this into an animated wallpaper? Without the music and slowed down a bunch, if possible.


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