Trailers: Hard Reset - Trailer

Hard Reset - Trailer

You could say that there was too much action, but that would be absurd.

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the demo for this game was awesome and it ran really well for looking as good as it does

This game is an amazing achievement from an indie developer. The art direction is straight outta "Blade runner" (in a good way). If you're a pc owner and love ol' school shooters GET THIS GAME!!!!

is this vid loading for anyone? I cant get it to play at all for me

great game. not finished yet but i really like it so far. it does has some flaws like slow strafing and the jumping at times is annoying but the game as such is really fun. payed only 26$ (pre order). money well spend :D

Great weapons in the game, just got my Railgun <3
The gameplay is really fun and there are lots of secrets. In most games I usually get all of them or at least 80% but I missed so many here:<

This game encompasses all the great things that modern shooters ditched in favor of more chest-high walls and regenerating health.

- Health bar? Check.
- Loads of weapons you can carry at once? Check. (or rather, sidestepped with the modular weapon system. Quite ingeneous, i must admit)
- An upgrade system that isn't pointless? Check.
- Hordes of enemies charging at you from every direction? Check.
- Lots of level secrets? Check.
- Shotgun that goes BOOM!? Check ;)

The only nitpicks i have is that the enemy variety isn't that great, and there isn't much story to speak of either...
Not that it's the story you're there for. You're there for gratuitous robot violence and blowing shit up, and the game certainly delivers on that :)

It's a shooter for the oldskool crowd, designed for the platform that can do it justice.

If you like FPS's, and have a relatively modern PC, then get it. Now.


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