Gears of War 3 Review

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Gears of War 3 Review

Delta Squad returns to save humanity.

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Only 5 more days...

Huh. Didn't even know this was out.

Played a bit of the multiplayer beta on a friend' 360. It was pretty fun.

I myself welcome our new benevolent and merciful over-lord Steve Butts.
I could joke about how another Space Marine game was released in the same month, but I'll leave that for someone else, because you have to be pretty misanthropic to say that...

Gears of War is one of those series that I wish were on the PC as well (the first one is, I know), because some days you just aren't in the mood for the strategies and RPGs and just want to pick up a huge burly testosterone-loaded musclehead and kick some arse. However, this just means I get to give my money to Relic for Space Marine and Epic can go suck it.

It's out already? Colour me surprised. And I'm even more surprised at the lack of a review for Space Marine.

5 more days to go! Can't wait to rejoin delta squad and kick some arse for humanity (or for the locus horde in the awesome sounding beast mode!)!

Dangit, I want this game real bad now. Have the previous 2, and love both. And the critics have been loving the heck out of this game, which is usually a good sign. 9 from IGN, 9.5 from both GI and Gamespot, 4.5 out of 5 stars from Gamepro, 5 stars from Giantbomb, 4 out of 5 stars from here... Makes me sad that I am but a poor student with 'naught but $13 to my name. :( Looks like it is time to sell organs on the black market again...

So, great as expected.

Until now, i had a hard time convincing myself to buy the game, given that it is one game where i know i'll get exactly what i expect, wich is a bit boring now matter if i actually get something good.

But now since it's almost there i'm starting to remember how fun the campaigns were especially in Coop, and, to be honest, i really want to see how it turns out storywise.

Although i'm not saying the story of the GOW Games is especially great, i feel like it's still pretty underrated because "hurr durr dumb homophobe jock musclemonstas" (wich is kinda ironic in itself).
That said, it's sad that the games themselves do thier best to not care about the background story (especially the first one wich felt like it was just missing an establishing prologue).

Still, it's kind of fascinating for me how GOW tells an EXTREMELY bleak and depressing story of how humans constantly fuck up so hard that they pretty much ride towards extinction all by themselves since everything they do just make matters worse...

I guess i'm actually pretty curious if the story ends with humanity finishing itself off or actually doing something right for once in three games ^^.

Personally, given that all women in this universe are relegated to "breeder" roles by the lore, I couldn't care any less how the story ends.

Partially unrelated to the review, I find it odd for an American based website to put out a review at what amounts to the middle of the night over here (2am central time). You burnnin' the midnight oil Steve?

At least they kept Cole and Dom well characterised, while Marcus' response throughout all the games has been to swear at everything, although I would have liked some emotion from him considering he is ment to find his dead father alive.

Despite the fact that I don't own a 360, I would probably give these games a try if it weren't for the fact that characters and enemies have such horrible designs.

I just can't stand them and the macho, power armour look the characters all have...and this is coming from someone who loves the Warhammer 40K universe.

Huh. Didn't even know this was out.

Played a bit of the multiplayer beta on a friend' 360. It was pretty fun.

nope, out in 5 days.

Goddamn it Epic, stop making me wait and:


Five days to go. I hope the wait is worth it.

Ive been playing it all day and every game mode is a blast!!!! Trust me this is worth $60.

Personally, given that all women in this universe are relegated to "breeder" roles by the lore, I couldn't care any less how the story ends.


You do realize that there are at least two new female Gears added to the team, right?

If you look on MetaCritic, you will see that nearly all the reviews have been posted close to 3 or 4 a.m. EST.

Usually review sites already have played their copies sent to them from the developer, and have their review ready in advance of the game coming out, but are embargoed from releasing that review until a set date agreed upon by general consensus and the productive team.

Sometimes this means we don't see a review until after a game comes out, sometimes it's a week or more before the game comes out.

The embargo for Gears 3 reviews expired about an hour ago, so boom, loads of reviews.

I'm guessing that Epic and Microsoft figured that the press would be quite good for the game, and agreed that the embargo would be days before-hand, getting the press truck rolling for sales day, which is always a smart idea.

Nice review, and me personally can't wait for Tuesday. A few friends and I are going to the midnight release, fans since the start.

Hey now, I'm not 'passing up' Gears 3 I'm waiting an extra few months for the complete edition to be released like I did with Gears 2. Also, and this is a bit off topic, but why is it Yahtzee is the only one on here that doesn't get bleeped when he swears...? Why not let everyone swear freely when it's obvious what's being said anyway?

Eh, in my head, it's 3 stars, but to each his own, I guess.
I always thought Gears of War was too boring, both in gameplay, variety, and aesthetics, and if they aren't making any changes, it's not a buy for me.

Wow, so looking forward to this game...oh wait, it's a 360 exclusive so no PC version. Guess I'll just spend my money on other things like food and my morgage.

Business as usual over at Epic it seems.

As far as i've been able to tell about the GoW series as a whole it's only enjoyable because of excellent gameplay, not at all due to engaging characters or a well-told story.

I don't know... the characters being moody dicks seems totally appropriate to the situation they are in.
Same with the voices. Big, hardened and battle-scarred Marine has a gravely voice? Yup, seems about right.

Those graphics look pretty stunningly detailed and it seems they have tried to break up the grey/brown somewhat more.

I'm actually not much of a Gears fan myself (played the first but lost interest before the end and played a bit of the second), but it seems like a great game for anyone in to that franchise or Third Person Shooters in general.

Haha. You know Gears3 will sell a fuck ton no matter what so why even try? That's both sad and true.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Gears may have done cover-based shooting first (actually, Kill/Switch predates it by a full console generation) but loads of other games have done it better. Pretty much the only game in which the shooting felt less natural to me than in Gears is Alpha Protocol, which is really just an RPG dressed up to look like a spy game.

I can't wait to tell all the Karen Traviss naysayers that a story is good for a change.
Definitely looking forward to this one.

Wow @55 I could easily see the locust blimp shrink, disappear, and be replaced with an explosion :P

That's all fine and good, but does it have a certain song somewhere in it? You know the one.

What's your name son? Private Clay Carmine!

I'm surprised to see so many reviews for Gears of War 3 coming out so early.
It's just making me more excited for the game's release!

Gears of War, the game about big space marines with chainsaws on their guns killing aliens, and Escapist is talking about the story like its the main appeal.

Sometimes I wonder if you people actually enjoy video games, and not interactive stories.

When EPIC decides to NOT be a dick and release Gow 2&3 for PC... call me... other wise, I am going back to Spacemarine/Deus Ex...

Cole Train? Seriously? It must have been all those giant steps broke his name in two. Him and his buddies Mars Alis and Arms Trong work together to make April in Paris safe for everyone.

Am I the only one who thinks this looks like just more of the same? I dunno...I guess i'm just setting my standards to high for video games.

I've never played a GoW game and this is really the first time I've looked at the gameplay in motion.

Wow... those guys have really big arms. I mean really... c'mon...

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