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Instant Gratification

A film doesn't have to be a summer blockbuster or an Oscar-winner to be worth watching.

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"Streets of Fire" was an absolute favourite for a while when I was 12-14 years old, I had that on VHS, taped from tv.

And "the Final Countdown" is one of the films i always try to watch when it's shown on TV again. I should probably try to find some of the others as well.

Wait WHAT!?
Uwe Boll made a GOOD film?

Fire & Ice is the perfect example of animated violence working better than live-action violence.

Watching axe fights with no sense of actor retraint is a joy.

Ser Imp:
Wait WHAT!?
Uwe Boll made a GOOD film?

My thoughts exactly. Who knows, maybe this bodes well (though his past record means that nobody will buy anything he makes anymore, even if it turns out to be a classic for the ages).

Ser Imp:
Wait WHAT!?
Uwe Boll made a GOOD film?

No he made a fucking great movie. I saw it a couple of times several months ago and I still can't get my head around the fact the master of error made something that is not only well done in every technical aspect, but is also just flat out really really damn good. Amazingly reality didn't collapse in on itself.

I'll add my own 2-bits to the list.

Dragon Hunters, both the movie and the show, is available on instant view. They are very pretty and genuinely funny. The movie is CGI and the cartoon is flat animation and both are set in a really well done medieval world which is made up of floating islands. The plots are mostly just inoffensive, but the characters are really fun. If you like cartoons you should give it a shot. Try the movie first and if that suites you start into the show.

The only real problem is that they got different voice actors for the second season (the show is redubbed from the original french) and they replaced two good voice actors with what I can only assume are a couple of guys that wandered into the booth at the wrong time. It makes the second season unwatchable.

Chocolate has long been a guilty pleasure of mine. The setup is so tasteless, but the action is SO GOOD.


Hole crap I've just remembered that I've actually SEEN Uncle Sam.
The first time I saw the trailer for Rampage, it took me at least an hour to process the insanity I was watching.

All these movies sound like they should get a Rifftrax treatment

there a really funny spoof movie that should be on this list that i saw back in high school (5-6 years ago) i forgot what its called so i cant find it on you-tube but it was a somewhat modern movie made in black and white to make fun of alien invasion had a skeleton that was literally i Halloween prop on string and it was pretty self aware.

2nd Edit: FOUND IT

its called the Lost Skeleton of Cadavra

that would make a great addition to Bobs list

.."Betty you know what this meteor can mean for SCIENCE. It could mean actual advances in the field of SCIENCE."

I remember watching they live with my parents while eating Calzones late one night. My dad told me I needed to watch it because it was a classic. And it totally was. The Back alley fight was amazing.

I've only heard about this, I've never seen any of them - Interesting thing about Dollman is that the character was shoe-horned into another movie which was actually a cross-over of THREE unrelated titles: DollMan, The Demonic Toys, and Bad Channels, called "Dollman vs. The Demonic Toys." Its the Avengers of B-Horror!

You recommended They Live, one of Carpenter's best films. That is commendable. Very commendable.
Same goes for The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension.
You should write articles like this more often. Far more often.
And you should be awarded with atleast three cookies.

And it finally gave me an excuse to actually watch Rampage that's been simply waiting for me to click on the play button for nearly(or over) a year now.
And funny you should mention Mad Men today, when I actually started watching it... in fact I took a break from it just to watch your today's review and read this article. Amusing.

This is weird. I was just looking for Streets of Fire a few weeks ago on Netflix and it showed up as not available. Now I finally get to see if it still lives up to my memories.

Dear God in heaven. I'm old enough to have seen Streets of Fire, They Live, and Buckaroo Banzai in the theater. And I still quote from Buckaroo...

Laugh while you can, monkey-boy.

Chocolate has long been a guilty pleasure of mine. The setup is so tasteless, but the action is SO GOOD.

Pretty close to what I was going to say. I don't know if I'd go quite as far as tasteless, because it's actually less bad than many portrayals of autistic kids (aside from the stereotypical "savant" thing, which is extremely rare in reality), and they did manage to put in some details for the way her character acts/moves and her personality traits that I haven't seen too often that were appropriate, even if they could've done better. The plot/story itself, on the other hand, is typically schlocky martial arts action movie stuff, with the added bonus of the type of uniquely Thai quirks that not everyone may be familiar with if they haven't watched much else from there, like the obligatory ladyboy hit squad.

The action really is SO GOOD, though. It takes a little while for the movie to really pick up momentum, and the earliest fight aren't quite as spectacular as later on (for legitimate story reasons), but once it gets going, it doesn't let up. The fight choreography is absolutely brilliant at times, and if you stick around through the credits, you can see that they filmed it all live at full speed without stuntmen (and took some brutal hits to the face and elsewhere when they screwed up). I can't help watching it again every few months.

Jeeja herself is pretty amazing, too. There's just something fun about watching this tiny, little girl channeling Bruce Lee and unleashing the fury on a room full of grown men. Zen (her character in Chocolate) would give River Tam a run for her money. Unfortunately, her second movie, Raging Phoenix, was an absolute disaster. The plot is an unintelligible supernatural clusterfuck, and the fight scenes are nowhere near as interesting to watch and don't take advantage of her skills. She does supposedly have four more movies that she's working on that are coming out this year, though, some of which may even already be out, including a sequel to Chocolate, so maybe there's still hope.

Huh, I'll have to check out Fire & Ice. I remember it being reviewed in an old Dragon magazine, and the critic commented that he had high hopes but people should just pick up a book of Frazetta paintings: they have been graphics and better dialogue. :)

I loved They Live, glad to see it make this this.

Wait... I'd heard people making fun of They Live before (all in good taste, of course)... but none of them told me the movie involved Roddy Piper taking on Goliath. Seriously?

I will add, as long as Ralph Bakshi and cartoon self-parody are involved, (not seen Fire and Ice but I have seen Wizards, which sounds like it's pretty similar in concept) I would recommend anyone who's heard the bad press about the animated Lord of the Rings to check it out - it truly is one of the great party movies. It's not as bad as you've heard. It's worse. Watch it as a comedy and it might be the best laugh you get all year. My wife and I were (literally!) on the floor laughing before we even got past the DVD menu. (Didn't know Gandalf was compensating so much.)

if i may suggest my own two, there's a french film called district B13 which is what i would call the movie version of arkham city. if you like parkour and well choreographed action it's worth checking this movie out. yeah you have to read subtitles but unlike anime nobody talks while the onscreen candy is running.*

the second is a documentry called "this film is not yet rated", i would suggest all aspiring film critics, director, makers watch this movie. It's basically a no holds barred attack against the MPAA, but through out the course of the movie you learn that the MPAA deserves this attakc and is pretty corrupt, although that what the film wants you to think and therefore deserves a grain of salt or two while watching.

*awww sad day, i just looked it up and its now DVD only. i hate when netflix does this.

OT; i saw killer klowns from outer space at 1am on UPN back when UPN was still a channel. It was hilirious. the only thing that could have made it better was this;

Hey! I liked Postal (not a great film, but it definitely had many hilarious moments).

Most of these are films I've already enjoyed, but the few that aren't I will definately check out. Thanks for the list Bob.

Wait... did that say Uwe Boll.... Ah well, I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and see for myself. But if Netflix starts putting Bloodrayne and House of the Dead in my Recommended Viewing file, I'm blaming you!

Hmm, I'll have to check a lot of these out. I've only seen Killer Clowns from Outer Space, which I will also recommend. It's silly, stupid, and not scary, but it is so much fun, and they really play with the evil clown aspect (as opposed to It, which was too obsessed with "scary" balloons).

Uwe Boll made a great film and the internet didn't collapse? Why didn't I know?

On the one hand I hate great films with depressing tones and messages on the other hand Uwe. Boll. made a great film??

A few thoughts:

"The Final Countdown": This was three-fourths of a good film. The ending (which I don't want to spoil) is a massive cop-out that undermines the whole should-they-change-history argument. The movie would have fared better if it had the bravery to stick to a decision, which I suspect is why this movie isn't considered a sci-fi classic.

"They Live": It wasn't as well put-together as I would have liked, but the idea behind it was pretty good, especially in the well-worn genre of alien invasions. And that fight... man, it combines awesomeness and ridiculousness in a way that few movies can achieve.

"Rampage": I really hate to say this, I know how this will sound... but I don't CARE if it's a good movie. Uwe Boll's cinematic sins are now legendary and he doesn't deserve kudos for finally making a good film. It's like complementing an arsonist for building a house after burning down fifty other homes - he's got a long way to go before he gets any respect from me.


Moviebob, Your church is being started now; Dollman is probably the single greatest movie I have ever seen. I saw it on Netflix Instant a few months ago, and my life, quite possibly, was changed.

I'll tell you what, The Room is garbage compared to it, except Dollman is epic in possibly every way. Although the sequel Dollman versus Demonic Toys, was probably the worst idea ever conceived. That could have been a half-hour movie and it would have worked fine.

OT: Great movies all around, of the ones I have seen, Killer Klowns from Outer Space and
They Live are the only ones I have watched, I actually own Zu Warriors, and many of the other ones I have heard of.

Thank you for this list, it's amazing to see so many movies that are so different and probably very good.

Dear God in heaven. I'm old enough to have seen Streets of Fire, They Live, and Buckaroo Banzai in the theater. And I still quote from Buckaroo...

Laugh while you can, monkey-boy.

I've been ionized, but I'm okay now.

What gets me is all the Thomas Pynchon references in Buckaroo Banzai.

Also how young does Dafoe look in Steets of Fire! Amazing.

The idea of a "good" Uwe Boll movie is a thing of urban legend lurking in the corners of the internet. I've read it positive things about the last ten or so films he's made. It's spooky.

My I please indulge in suggesting another film?
Please? I'm going to anyway:

Six string samurai.
It is set in a parallel world destroyed after the cold war went hot in the fifties. The only remaining city untouched being "Lost Vegas" (Yeah, I know, you don't need to point *that* game out).
A character implied to be Buddy Holly is heading to Lost Vegas to become the new ruler as "The King" has died. He carries a guitar everywhere. He is also a samurai.

He is challenged on the way by cannibals, bowling bounty hunters, a Soviet surf band called The Red Elvises (they are supposedly a real band and so score the film), the Russian army, ah and a vision of the grim reaper mocked up as Slash. Yes of course that Slash.

The film climaxes as Buddy Holly and Death/Slash have a guitar battle followed by a sword fight as a representation of Rock and Roll versus Heavy Metal.

If you don't know if you want to see that film, re-fucking-read that previous sentence.

Ser Imp:
Wait WHAT!?
Uwe Boll made a GOOD film?

Even a broke-ass clock is right twice a day.

Ser Imp:
Wait WHAT!?
Uwe Boll made a GOOD film?

My initial suspicion is that it was entirely by accident. He probably wanted 'Rampage' to be some sort of wacky comedy. I found it just a little depressing that when I first thought of "Rampage" and "Uwe Boll" at the same time I immediately thought of George, Ralph and Lizzie.

The Final Countdown sounds similar to Zipang, an anime series about a modern Japanese destroyer transported back in time to WW2-era Japan that is all about "They can change history, but should they?".

I was thinking about buying an old fave of mine the other day - 'Cherry 2000'.

Not even sure why I like it that much. Possibly has something to do with my obsession with redheads from the 80s (Molly Ringwald, Melanie Griffith, Belinda Carlisle, that chick from Willow ...).

F*** "The Final Countdown".

I'm sorry. Let me back up. This part has SPOILERS.

I watched that movie a couple years back. I remember getting drawn in by the plot, even if it was a little overdone and the characters rather schlocky. The main dilemma was genuinely intriguing. When it was getting close to the end, I was genuinely enthralled.

And then the director flips off the audience and sends the characters back home without making a decision. OH WELL, SO MUCH FOR ACTUALLY DEALING WITH THE CENTRAL QUESTION! Considering most of the movie's quality rested on that central dilemma, wrapping it up with the return of the two morons that got left behind felt like adding ketchup to a shit sandwich.

RTK had it right, it's about 3/4's of a good movie.

I know I'm sounding like a broken record, but I figure the more I say it, the bigger the chance is that someone in the right position is finally going to get the point...

What is taking Netflix so goddamn long to expand to Sweden? >:(

I picked up a copy of Buckaroo Banzai on VHS a few years ago. I bought it in a going-out-of-business sale at a nearby video rental place.

Best $1.00 I ever spent.

I've since acquired a copy on DVD. In the commentary track, the director refers to the movie as a "docu-drama," and frequently remarks on what the "real" Buckaroo Banzai thought of certain scenes. His guest commentator, the "real" Reno, shares his recollections of the events that "inspired" the film. In any other movie, that would seem hard to believe, but this one is already a singularity of zaniness.

These sound interesting, Bob, I will keep them in mind!

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