Trailers: Street Fighter X Tekken - TGS Gameplay

Street Fighter X Tekken - TGS Gameplay

Street Fighter squares off against Tekken in the game that will make almost any gamer drool.

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Holy hell, I have not been this excited for a fighting game in a long time. If only it was out. D:

Rolento's come back? I wonder if the Hyper Hanging move is still in there?

the only thing i like about this game so far is the Online Training Mode... every fighter of this generation shouldve had it.

my two least favourite fighting franchises coming together in the form of the worst of the 2, with no el fuerte. Pah!

Looks loke it's just another air-juggling fighter. How decisively original!

So very tired of this frantic twitch mechanics...

The only thing that will make this game worth my money is to include both Fei Long and Marshall Law. Put them on the same team, and throw together a 500-hit rapid kick combo. OoooOOOoOOOOHHHHH WATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATA WAAADAH!!!!!!! ~in stereo.

I'm not all that up-to-date with fighting games, especially Tekken and Street Fighter but you know what I'm particularly sick off when it comes to these Tekken X Steet fighter games?

There doesn't seem to be any that are handled by the Tekken guys...
Style wise I'm just fed up of looking at Street Fighter and now I'm fed up of looking at Tekken characters in Street Fighter style...

Why can't we have SF guys in Tekken style?

The Pandora story/modes trailer was better but this game still looks godlike and just might end up my GOTY for 2012.


Why can't we have SF guys in Tekken style?

Because it's not time for Tekken X Street Fighter to come out yet?

Capcom is making SF X Tekken, to be released next year. Namco is making Tekken X SF, to be released.. sometime (proper production on the game hasn't started yet because the team is working on Tekken Tag 2, though the arcade version of TTT2 is almost done, so development on TxSF should begin soon).


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