Trailers: Tales Of The Abyss - Tear Grants' trailer

Tales Of The Abyss - Tear Grants' trailer

I don't know if the human mind can fathom this game in 3D.

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This was the only Tales game I could never finish. Everything about it just annoyed me; from the main character to the washed out color palate. Can't say this is going to be one of the games that convinces me to jump on the 3DS owner bandwagon.

whoever thought up the pun in the title should be ashamed..
also compared to the original it didn't look that good

What??!! LOL How was that 10 second piece of crap a trailer?

So that's a confirmed US-release then?

it looked okay. certainly not going to compete with the ps3(or was it ps2 for that one?) for graphics, but I'd be impressed if it could keep the length and game-play if its a port. time will tell if it can keep from lagging out when everyone casts a multiple hit attack at once. xP

I've only played a few, but tales games seem to be good enough for at least a glance. then again, the only one i could play ALL the way to the end was tales of symphonia. seems like every other one I've played has had plot or game-play i wasn't fond of. even the sequel to symphonia had things that threw me off, like the monsters for party members or removal of the world map. not only did it sting to have a "shorter" game and sucky combat, it was easily apparent that it had the potential to be a decent sequel, if they had just made it like the first.

I haven't played abyss. how is it? worth a look if i ever buy a 3ds?

I can't wait for this game! I've really been looking forward to it, I never got to play it for the PS2 version, so I really want to get it this time around.

I really wish they hadn't delayed here in the US, It was the game I was most looking forward too this year.

So that's a confirmed US-release then?

It's been confirmed for awhile in the US, they just haven't announced the release date yet. It was originally slated to be released in late 2011, but now they say it coming out in early 2012.


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