Trailers: Tales of the Abyss - Luke's Trailer

Tales of the Abyss - Luke's Trailer

A game that looks so big that can be played on something so small is an amazing thing.

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Luke fon Fabre is one of the riskiest main characters in a video game EVER.

A main character who is unlikable ON PURPOSE at the beginning, and then making him change into a better person.

IMO it worked. Although some people find his first step too sudden (The Akzeriuth incident). I don't agree (specially because that people don't see the steps he makes afterwards), but I see where their complaints come from.

Still, "Tales of the Abyss" is the best in the series and one of the best JRPGs of the 128 bits era.

Too bad this port didn't add any graphic improvements... And its trailers suck balls! Namco, you need new people in you trailer editing team. >_<

Oh snap. I never got to play this game. Definitely getting a 3DS.

Judging by it saying PEGI and 2011 still, I guess that means the European version is unaffected by the US version delays? Can't wait to finally have a jrpg for my 3DS, even better that it's Abyss, which is my favourite tales of game.


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