Trailers: Anarchy Reigns - TGS Trailer

Anarchy Reigns - TGS Trailer

From the look of things anarchy will reign for some time.

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This doesn't look half bad, though it'll really depend on how well crafted the combat is.

I had never heard of this game till I randomly watched this trailer. Now at least I have heard of it, as well as having zero interest in it.

Oh god, was that..Some sort of horrible Final Fantasy blend with Tekken?
And yeah, it can probably be good, but the sad, sad voice-acting combined with the stock-characters (at least TRY to make them unique and interesting..Though the very fat chick in the gimp-suit did make me raise an eyebrow), and huge-sized muscled men wrestling in a "dystopian future" just made me shake my head in disappointment.
How DO they get so ripped in Dystopia, btw? Aren't there a general lack of food and water? Doesn't it take HUGE amount of protein to get such a bodymass?
Maybe they also got food-synthesizers, what do I know..

Oh yes I am getting this!!!

So they put Mad World, Final Fantasy and a genric fighting game into a blender and this is what they got?

It's not a fighting game nor Final Fantasy people its a brawler, have anybody besides me played Urban Reign, The Warriors and MadWorld. C'mon people really Final Fantasy where you get that from... Oh wait the game has colors.

I like the looks of this, might do a little research. Might not.

Looks like an uninspired fantasy fighter...
I bet the gameplay will be boring, because that's usually the least properly ripped off thing in these sort of games.

wait... "jack"?...that outfit?....chainsaw arm?.... Mad World?! is it?


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