Trailers: The Cursed Crusade - Trailer

The Cursed Crusade - Trailer

Here I thought that there were multiple crusades that were cursed.

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Sounded like a PS2 commercial when it told you the exact number of levels that would be in the game.

Is that wolverine at 2:35?

It looks like Army of Two set during the crusades!

Trailer sucked, but I've got to admit that it was informative.

As for the game, it actually looks like it might be alright (although the concept of the "Crusader's Curse" doesn't sound like it makes much sense).

the combat intrigues me. 16 different techniques you say? over 100 kill moves you say? hmmmm

But for the love of me why does it always have to be the Templars? you know they were nothing more than glorified bankers in the crusade!

The combat sounds deep but the way it was advertised I expected more AI running around in the background. I thought I'd be seeing something like mount and blade warband.

I'll be keeping an eye on this game but I'm not expecting too much.

When they advertised "60 minutes of cutscenes" the odds of this being shit went through the roof. I don't think I'll give this one a second look.

Hmmmm. I think it may be time to fire the marketing department and then burn their houses down medieval style. As an example to the others.

Jim Sterling actually put me on to this and I think the combat shows some promise, hey, it might even be fun!

The trailer was so, so, so naff and old fashioned... Maybe they know nobody will bother playing it for the story.
Why would you, anyway?

There's not enough Medieval hack, slash and skewer in my life lately so I'll give it a shot. Hopefully a demo will pop up first.

Really? that voice Really? Ok whatever still looks good.


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