Trailers: Asura's Wrath - Trailer

Asura's Wrath - Trailer

You go from being armless to becoming a god. Talk about upward mobility.

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Well, this game looks interesting... I look forward to seeing more.

This is part of why I hope Japan always has a presence in game making.

2012 !?

why don't they just start showing a game a week before release
instead of half a year (or longer) before.

by the time this game is released, I will have lost my interest

Keeps looking more interesting with every new trailer!

So this is basically Bayonetta with men?!

Reminds me of DBZ with the over the top manly man and exploding stars.

Lord Draenor:
So this is basically Bayonetta with men?!

Bayonetta is basicly just Devil may cry with women... and angels instead of demons.


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