Drinking Games: Mario Frat Party

Mario Frat Party

Wanna play a board game but have a blinding fear of the real world? We do, so the original Mario Party is dusted off and fired up for some good drinking action. Watch out for the Bowser squares!

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...and l'chaim to you, sir.

Not enough drinking rules if you ask me...

Is it just me or did Dan morph into Gargomel when he stole Kyle's star....disturbing o.o

Second Drinking Games video in a row that just refuses to load. Anyone else having the same problem? It's only the most recent Drinking Game videos

It loaded just fine for me in HD HTML 5.

Random Argument Man:
Not enough drinking rules if you ask me...

I don't think most drinkers would get a buzz until the end, and only if they got a lot of special stars.

Random Argument Man:
Not enough drinking rules if you ask me...

This is my problem with this whole series. There is a severe lack of drinking in these drinking games. Lose a minigame? Drink. Land on red? Drink. So much better.

I hate this escapist series, but I love Mario. You lassoed me in.
This would be a very hard game to get drunk in...

it took about 3minutes to load for me but eventually it worked fine. Love the helmet on dan.


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