Trailers: Cabela's Survival: Shadows of Katmai

Cabela's Survival: Shadows of Katmai

Defend yourself against nature as you join the bottom of the food chain.

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This.... is a VERY good concept. It's literally the game I've wanted to play for some time. Do I think it will have good execution so that it actually IS a good game? No. No I don't. I hope I'm wrong though.

This looks kickass...

Notice the word Look

I just hope I dont have to help the lady or some shit or isnt a constant support character or some.... NO GODDAMN ESCORT MISSIONS!

Interesting concept. I hope there is more press so I hear about it. Otherwise I doubt I'll play it.

Though it loses points for making me think it was a new Katamari game.

Oh, I thought they were finally going to make all those Cabella bar games into an action game. Man, that would collect quarters like mad.

I'm exceptionally curious, worried that it will be a lightgun shooter, but an open world esque survival game...Fallout New Vegas style, but REALLY be about survival... That would be very interesting to play.

Well thats not the cabela games I remember my brother buying like mad when he was younger. Graphics look like shit but if they where to actually make a good game i'd shit a brick.

Sounds like a rather nice concept, but as for delivery, well we'll have to wait and see; bit of an underdeveloped genre really.


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