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Me Again

Always decide in advance what you'll do in case of future you.

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I reject your reality and substitute my own.
So apparently in the future, America is ruled by the house of Tully.

Awesome video. Loved the post-credits bit. Also, I want Paul to use those pants to their full potential & do an MC Hammer impression.

Is it bad that I've been sitting around, looking up Magic rules and waiting for this to get posted? I need to find better things to do on my days off...

Also, I want those shoelaces. Fashion be damned!

What the!? I was almost expecting it to be a sort of sequel to the older Paul travels trough time sketch, but this caught me totally of guard. Good episode.

Ha! I was listening to the lrrCast a few hours ago and Paul mentioned shooting a video with parashoot-pants. Curiosity: satisfied.
Also, nice special effects. I didn't even reflect upon the fact that there were two Pauls untill after I watched it.

Um, fun sketch and all, but... What's with the 48 seconds of black on the back end?

Awesome episode, though was hoping for a Commodore Hustle episode this week.

"I'm you, from the past!"
Weird, I don't remember ever warning my future self. And a knight helmet? How much in the past are we talking here?

Paul, congrats on looking hot even in that outfit.

Um, fun sketch and all, but... What's with the 48 seconds of black on the back end?

Hypnotic suggestions. The LLR crew bought a lot of stock in Hawaiian shirts recently.

Sorry, Paul. Everyone knows you don't wear a knight helmet with a Hawaiian shirt.

No.... you wear a knight helmet with a REFEREE shirt. ^_-

its always good to see paul and time travel in the same sketch

Awesome, as usual :D
But do you know what would have made it more awesome? If you could get the future Paul to shake modern Paul's hand or something, because anyone can stick to half-frames together :P

I do believe that was a snippet of "CSI:CSI" I heard playing at the start :D

Anyway, if I had a time machine, telling my past self all kinds of weird crap is totally something I'd do, although since I've seen this I'd probably expect it...

Okay, who else waited through 41 seconds of black screen for something else to happen?

Is it bad that I recognized what Paul was watching at the start of the video? More importantly, I really hope Hawaiian shirts become popular. I like Hawaiian shirts but I hardly ever get to wear them. Mainly because I don't own any but I digress.

The solution to any future self that you talk to.

1. Listen to what they have to say.
2. Shoot them, and steal their stuff.
3. Prophet.

Sounds like a pretty damn cool future, let's hope we get to see it. Also, I'd totally troll like that if I would invent a time machine.


Love it.

Lab coats and Hawaiian shirts are in like Bob.

Um, fun sketch and all, but... What's with the 48 seconds of black on the back end?

Because it's in like Bob

Also, I want those shoelaces. Fashion be damned!

I second this!

OT: Had me laughing, and I needed that today, so thank you!

If that was funny it went completely over my head. First time in two years i haven't gotten a LRR joke!

What a twist!

I wouldn't trust future me, either.

Present me is a real dick. Given time travel, future me would probably be an even bigger dick.

Um, fun sketch and all, but... What's with the 48 seconds of black on the back end?

That's designed so that you do not accidentally bring up the post-vid ad. The LRR crew made a smart move here... being forced to sit through a cheesy "BFF Access" ad before the vid itself is enough torture without the ad being repeated at the end of the vid!

The future of fashion.....is like someone who decided to get dressed after they dropped E but before they went to the rave?

This episode was in like Bob. I loved how Paul (or whatever name his character had) thought his "future self" was just messing with him. Of course, I'd never do that.

It is good that Sir Dr. St. James EtchASketch is on the case.

This video was in like Bob. As were those shoelaces. WANT.

Let who go? From where?

Is he John, Brian, his own brother, himself, what?

and as for helping AND OR srcewing with whoever the hell he isn't, I don't even...

"His memory is all shot?" Am I even hearing this shit right - OF COURSE his memory is all shot(!?) He/they is/are in a
a) time warp?
z) a Red Dwarf episode?
13) his own mind?
d) a mental institution?
c) an internet comedy sketch that makes no sense?
b6) Bleach filler?
x) a dream

Guys, seriously, WUAT?

Personally speaking, I'd love for fashion sense to be like that and to have a Bejeweled iPhone case (although I'd need an iPhone first).

i am reminded of that Twilight zone episode of the beautiful ppl that are the freaks in a world of freakishly ugly ppl! XD

Man, that was really good editing, and a great performance by Paul. I'm dead serious when I say that I wasn't even remotely aware of the fact that the entire episode was a camera trick lol. It didn't hit me until the very end when I was like "Oshit" lol

Do you all realize that "in like Bob" will be in like Bob in three months? I hope it's not quite so easy to make ties with Hawaiian shirts popular.

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