Life in the Ruins

Life in the Ruins

Your experience on Journey's "digital hike" depends on the company you keep.

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I have been pumped to give this a try ever since I saw it at e3 it looks so strange it is hard to not want to try it.

This game looks really interesting, especially the co-op part of it. I can't wait to play it and unravel the mysteries that await me in the desert.

Nice article by the way, a good read indeed. :]

I hadn't heard about this game until this article and now I cannot wait to get my hands on it.

Hmmm I'm not sure why but to me it seems to be a cross of Fallout: NV, From Dust and another game that I cant quite put my finger on. Seems interesting though!

I got a hands-on with this game at GAMEFEST and, frankly, was bored shitless! The artistic design is amazing an everything, but I couldn't figure out anything to do in the game whatsoever. You just wander around a desert for no reason.

What a brilliantly written article. The standard of quality at The Escapist blows other gaming websites out of the water. Especially IGN. God, I hate IGN these days.

OK... I really really want to read this story. I read the first page. I want so bad to read more, but I just know that if I read more, it is going to ruin my perception of the game when I play it. I can't see this game through someone else's eyes before I see it through mine.

But it's SO TEMPTING... Damn my envy!

I gotta bookmark this and come back after the game is available and I've spent many a moment exploring and singing.

The article just pumped me up for this game. Very well written.
I had not heard of this game either, but I'm glad I know about it now.

Words literally cannot describe how badly I want to play this game. I love exploring in games so as soon as I heard that ThatGameCompany was making something where you do nothing but that, it was a huge "YES PLEASE" moment.

Incidentally if anyone here hasn't heard of ThatGameCompany, go out and buy Flower. Right now. Seriously, it's only like 10 $/£/Euros or whatever.

Article was well written.

As for the game.

Well it worked for Seinfeld..

A game about nothing...interesting in deed

I played the beta and I loved It. had the exact same experience to. One of my nameless friends was awesome and really helped me play the game. The other partner was an annoying bugger who did everything by there ambiguous self.

The article is captivating. Bravo.

Remind me in 6 months to reread this. It will be relevant closer to when the games actually going to be released, eh?

Seeing videos of Journey's gameplay gets my attention to where I want to play it. This article emphasizes that all the more. My lack of a PS3 to play it on deflates all that emotion.

Just run this past me again...
This is a game, in which you do nothing but 'trudge through a desert'?

Hell, i could just do that on DofE.
Do you get a complimentary piece of sand-paper to wear you feet away as well?

Anyway... i'll keep an eye on this, if i can be bothered.
For someone who seems to have complained about it, i actually like the idea.

From the description of the game, I can only guess that the game is not so much about exploring a game world(the traditional game design), rather it is about exploring the human spirit of the players. You have to learn to communicate and interact on a much more fundamental, spiritual level in order to delve into the true pleasure of the game. It's exploring what it means to be a living soul and how that soul reaches out to find and interact with other souls. How do these souls, who have travel such vastly different paths and developed such vastly different "truths" of the world, communicate and share with each other? This is the deep artistic question that I think the game is getting at. Of course, this is only me guessing; I could easily be reading more into this than is truly there.

Naturally, in any multiplayer game, there will be trolls, jerks, and assholes who's entire existence is predicated on causing pain and confusion to others.

So amazing, loved this since I first heard about it. Just don't have a ps3. Though it is getting so tempting now with this and the HD versions of Ico and Shadow of the colossus.

I've been waiting for this since it was announced and after this article it's becoming unbearable.

The part about the second partner was kind of a turnoff though. Fucking trolls always find a way...

Man, wish I had a PS3 so I could play this. It looks like a beautiful experience.

Looks like a wonderful game... shame it's an exclusive so I guess I won't be playing it.

I like how the female author refers to her unknown companions as females.

It's interesting how communication works on games. I've always felt more or less constrained by the sheer amount of possibilities available, and while generally I don't give a fuck to what other people do or think of me when it comes to direct communication my inner awkward shy kid comes through and I'm paralized thinking I won't be able to reciprocate their communication. Limiting that even more is a really interesting experiment I wouldn't be able to arrive at by myself.

Interesting idea to say the least. While I haven't played the game and I can't very well vouch for its game play, the concept is what intrigues me the most. I've always been a fan of exploring the deserts in games, not sure why really. I think what attracted me the most to them would be the feeling of exploration I get out of it. To march across the desolate sands to the soft lilt of the Oud, Kanun, and Durbakki, making pilgrimages at the tombstones of ancient civilizations. To uncover lost treasures and exotic mysteries that, ultimately, were as fleeting as the sands surrounding me, destined to be swallowed up again by some unseen dune when I turned to leave and, for the moment, reclaimed by the sands.

It's those kinds of things that attracted me to the desert levels in the N64 Legend of Zelda games (and arguably the Fire Temple in Ocarina of Time, the most fun dungeon I've ever encountered in the series) and Shadow of the Colossus. Even in Fable II and III, for all the monotony I've had to endure playing through the main storyline, my favorite parts can be summed as such: The Arid Sea Demon Door in Fable II (the one with the old wooden ship split in half in the middle of the desert) and exploring Aurora in Fable III.


I'd also be remiss if I didn't give any credit to the Dune mod for Oblivion.

I got a hands-on with this game at GAMEFEST and, frankly, was bored shitless! The artistic design is amazing an everything, but I couldn't figure out anything to do in the game whatsoever. You just wander around a desert for no reason.

...did you see a big a mountain with a light in the background?

Yeah, you just keep going in that general direction. The rest of the game should sort itself out.

That was a pretty well written article. I have to keep an eye on this and Gravity Daze.

This is one of the reasons that I'm buying a PS3!

I find it interesting that the author of the article assumed her friend was a woman, as I don't think there's any way to tell a persons gender in the game.

you bastards finally did it... the dirty bastards that you are... i'll have to get a ps3 now. nobody talk to me the rest of the day, i'm feeling rather cross about this.

This game is the game for me this fall. Above all the AAA $60 blockbusters I want this game by a considerable distance.

Never head of this game before, after reading article was ready to downright preorder on the concept alone.

Then I read "for ps3 only" and my smile turned upside down :(


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