Escapist Podcast: 016: More Diablo 3 Beta, RPG Shopping and Blockbuster

016: More Diablo 3 Beta, RPG Shopping and Blockbuster

This week, we discuss Halloween costumes and our further time with the Diablo 3 beta. We also talk about shopping in a RPG, Blockbuster's bribe and answer your questions.

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Sadly I forgot to mention the incredibly relevant Recettear when we were talking about rpg shopping and economies, but I did manage to give it a call out in the thumbnail.

Also for those unfamiliar, it's a game where you run a rpg item shop.

Sadly I forgot to mention the incredibly relevant Recettear when we were talking about rpg shopping and economies, but I did manage to give it a call out in the thumbnail.

Also for those unfamiliar, it's a game where you run a rpg item shop.

And go dungeon crawling, dont forget that. <3

Havent reached the end quite yet, just playing it in the background. But insightful(more or less) as always.

Ah, Halloween. Good god, do I hate that holiday. As a kid, I went out twice, once when I was too young to protest and once for someone else who couldn't go (that one was a bit funny, no one recognized me), and I can't stand manning the door. One of the best things about apartment living is that no one comes to my door anymore!

As a general rule, RPG's with limited inventory space drive me batty, because I am worse than Susan in that capacity. I have to have AT ALL TIMES at least one of everything, whether it's useful or not. There are times when I will not use my last potion no matter how much my survival depends on doing so, simply because that slot in my inventory would no longer be occupied.

Also, the story about the 20,000 gold spell reminds me of the old Dragon Quest games where the casino was usually in the second or third town you visited. Getting one of the best weapons in the game from the get-go was just a matter of having the patience to accumulate enough casino chips.

Finally, funny and embarrassing story about role-playing in games: On my first play-through of Persona 3, there would be times in the in-game evenings, where I would just stand around in the dorm's lobby and set my controller down. Not because I wanted to go make a sandwich or something, but because I didn't see why my character would be so anti-social as to come home and go straight to business; whether business meant going to bed, going to Tartarus, or going right back out.

Good podcast guys, but as a quick correction: The shared Stash -is- in the beta already. The blacksmith is also shared across the account. Just a note. Awesome otherwise!

Now that I've had a chance to listen to the rest of the podcast:

As to the summer reading me-problem vs you-problem thing: I'd say about half the people who slack on a deadline until the last minute are the same ones who don't believe in me-problems, they're ALL you-problems. I've been bitched out more than once for having the audacity to have a 3 day backlog before I can work on a PC because someone decided to wait until the height of the first-day-of-school or Christmas rush to bring a PC that broke down months ago but they need RIGHT NOW WHY AREN'T YOU FIXING IT.

I have to say, Steve's read-every-second page trick is clever. Should've used it a few times on big-on-words-low-on-content books. (The Old Man and the Sea, my god. A 100-page dick measuring contest with no scene changes.)

Hehe, I too was that kid who'd already read half the summer reading list when it was handed out. And I *actually* picked books I hadn't read yet. *sigh*
I particularly enjoyed the last bit on RPGs and role-playing. I *LOOOOOVE* stories. I mean, I adore stories to death, I will kill for a game with a good, gripping story. Which pretty much means I'm a lot like Susan, I'll take a game with a character which is pretty much a blank canvas (like the Elder Scrolls games), and I will fill it with a whole bunch of details, fleshing out the character, her backstory, how she ended up there in the first place, what her motivation is, how she's likely to react to certain events... the works. Glad to know I'm not the only one who's a bit OCD about her characters.
Regarding inventory space... I'm more likely to hoard stuff than sell it. This is why I loved the Baldur's Gate series (and similar games, like Planescape: Torment) in which you had Bag of Holdings. You could carry around ludicrous amounts of loot (and even quest items which had ceased to have any usefulness, but I kept 'em anyway, as mementos) without it being out-of-character or unrealistic (because you can do that in the Forgotten Realms, you have magic and these little tiny bags can hold entire planes of existence without it being silly).
Anywhooooooo, love the podcast! :)

Hehe, I too was that kid who'd already half the summer reading list when it was handed out. And I *actually* picked books I hadn't read yet. *sigh*

My school never had summer reading list, and for that I was grateful. I was never impressed with their choices for my edification. In fact, in our anthologies where they'd have us read story A, C, and F in class, I read B, D, and E on my own time and found them often far superior stories. While we're reading a short story that's nothing more than an extended version of the "I AM SPARTACUS!" scene I'm reading an interesting novella about class and duty in a country at war.

Only time my prodigious reading helped me was my Grade 11 English final exam. We had to write an essay on a poem we'd never seen before and only had a short while to read in class. The poem was one I'd read many times in my mom's poetry books, so it was trivially easy to recall detail to shore up my essay.

Best Halloween costume ever..Darkwing Duck. Hands down.

RPG economy, buy what I can, sell what I just replaced and then swim in the piles of money I have left over.

I too love the story I can't play a game unless I know what my objective is. Shoot those guys because the cross-hair turns red, is not motivation. I hate it when I'm watching people play and they just skip through the exposition. I don't need to listen to it all just tell me why I'm being shot at or why I'm breaking into a heavily guarded base!

Anyways Good Show!

What Susan does with money is exactly what I do with potions/health kits. I limp through the game on the verge of death, hording my potions in anticipation of the final boss battle. The obvious result is that I finish the game with tonnes of unused potions.

Hmm, wont load beyond two and a half minutes.

I really enjoy these podcasts, but is it feasible to normalize the volume a bit (or do it a bit better)? I usually listen on headphones and have to crank the volume up to hear everyone other than Susan (and sometimes Steve), but then get blasted when everybody laughs. Failing that, can anyone recommend a means for me normalizing the volume after I download it?

Regardless, thanks for another interesting and entertaining podcast, Escapist folks.


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