Feed Dump: Ash-Bullets & Wow-Butter

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Ash-Bullets & Wow-Butter

If you're allergic to peanut butter or want to be a bullet, we've got you covered.

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Oh boy, now I have TWO things to give to my friends next time they come over! Mayonnaise smoothies, and Wow-Butter cookies! I am the best friend ever.

I actually just watched this before Zero Punctuation. And by God I do not regret that one bit. More hilarious than ever, good job guys.

WOW. I CAN FINALLY HAVE PEANUT BUTTER. IT'S BEEN 17 YEARS AND NOW I CAN HAVE PEANUT BUTTER! I am so happy this product has been brought to light!

You know Graham, my crush on you had almost faded away and then you donned the dinosaur hat. And growled in that utterly adorable way. Kathleen, I R JELLY. </3

I am totally going to walk into the Priape on Church St. in Toronto and ask for some Wow Butter...

I've seen Wow-Butter for quite a while. My mom has some in case my brother's friend comes over and wants peanut butter. You guys are late.

"Some sort of forcefield!" Antz reference, Graham? Nice touch. I loved that movie.

Also, Kathleen is crazy about that whole anal lube thing. Seriously, that's just...

Oh noes! Graham is mutating into an alligator-man!

Also Rawr.

Oh god, I am going to laughing at that whole anal lubricant thing for days to come. That was just hilarious.

I'm not sure what was better, Graham's Australian accent, or his RAWR!

"Maximum Jaunt" - That's going in the 'potential band names' folder. In case I'm ever in a band.

Funny story: one of our old friends who we don't hang out with anymore for various reasons will do anything in his power not to go on or near Church Street. It's useful to know, since if we are ever chased by him we can just go to Church Street and he'll have no choice but to turn back.

Google couldn't find the Wow Butter lubricant, but it did find a balm. Close enough?

Mayonnaise smoothies, and Wow-Butter cookies!

Mmm, mayonnaise smoothies... Seriously, with some dill pickles and rye bread could be awesome.

Alex nearly pissing himself with laughter might have been the best part of this video.

i want my ashes to be made into bullets but i live in the uk so that might not happen

Was the opening "NEWS" bit just black for anyone else? On topic, hilarious stuff.

Maximum jaunt!? That kind of force could tear the ship apart!

I know there's an inappropriate joke regarding Kathleen and tit-related trauma to be made. Heck, there are a bunch! But I refuse to sink that low! Even for boobs!

Was the opening "NEWS" bit just black for anyone else? On topic, hilarious stuff.

Yeah, it was for me, too.

Also, Kathleen, make sure your wow-butter cookies are shaped like this:


Sooo... Who Googled Holly Madison after that ? (bonus point if you forgot the safesearch was off...)

Frog blast the vent core!

I'll be honest, I had to pause the video and virtual fist-bump it for that one.

Awesome Doctor "hoo" shirt, Graham.

The anal lube bit made think of an anime con year ago. We'd been lined for the dealers room for a few hours. It was cold & our hands had gone numb, plus we were hungry. Solution? One of my friends hadn't emptied her bag before the con and had a bottle of mixed berry warming gel. We got to fix both problems AND creep out the people in line behind us!

Also- coat toilet paper tubes in wow-butter, roll in birdseed, put outside. See if wild animals are willing to eat it.

I'm not sure what made me the happiest in this episode, Graham's dinosaur/alligator hat, or his Doctor "Hoo" shirt.

Or Alex, but any Alex at all makes me happy, so he's disqualified.

to Holly Madison

choose All-state. You'll be in good hands.

Brad hat!!!
Also, when I read WoW butter I thought... World of Warcraft butter? Surely Blizzard could just buy them out and make MILLIONS from trolling fanboys.

I'll eat the Wow Butter. I'm not too picky.

The shields cannot handle jaunts of this magnitude!

I say you let Cathlene make her wow butter cookies and film a new iron stomach challenge.

All i have to say is



She broke Alex!

Troll baking! Wow! A whole new world of possibilities! Shame I can't cook...

I was thinking Warcraft Butter too and prepared for maximum eye rolling, then had to add a facedesk when the ingredients turned out to be nothing but soy. I do have to award a dozen internets for turning it into innuendo that could make Alex turn that red.

And I've heard once or twice before that some people insure parts of their bodies because their primary career relies on it. Painters would insure their hands (or whatever they paint with), dancers insure their legs and feet, and what have you. Of course there is something to be said about having one or two other skills to use in case you lose that career path...

Alex, damnit...your goggles with that hat would be awesome combo! D:

OT: I nearly went into the same cramp Alex had when Kathleen started with her lubricant rant. Breathing is hard when laughing your ass off. xD

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