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Get them kids off my lawn!


Got rage for the 360 a couple of days ago and it's been the only thing I play when I turn on my 360.

Graphically its awesome, Im a bit sad that we cant actually explore the world of Rage though.

Also, I wish the protagonist could do some of the shit the AI is able to do, like slide behind cover, jump over chest high railings, sprint longer than 4 meters.

good comic and i love the pc version it lags a bit from time to time but nothing major

Hey! I... never mind. I agreed when you showed me the picture. Still, the outside areas look utterly stunning (on console at least)

Yeah they finally patched the pc version and it runs great on my machine now but god the game is just... I dunno, it feels like so much effort was spent to create so little. My quick and simple opinion is that its a less fun borderlands and I only say that because I really enjoyed borderlands a lot. The shooting is classic Id awesome-sauce but everything else just feels like tacked on nonsense getting in the way of the awesome shooting.

The idea of a post-apocalyptic Burning Man strikes me as AWESOME.

Well, all I can say is...


That was a damn fine octopus drawing. It really did do that thing the guy said it did.

How did they get killed for walking on the Mutants lawns, when THERE ARE NO FUCKING LAWNS IN RAGE!!!

Just sayin'..... I think the Mutants might be covering something up.


It's kind of like a post-apocalyptic Burning Man festival only slightly more pleasant, as you're surrounded by flesh eating mutants instead of preposterous wankers.

Hilarious line, there. I almost laughed out loud, which would have been a good thing if I weren't in the back of a computer room full of people.

Yeah I was initially extremely mad with RAGE on PC. All kinds of issues, I ended up getting frustrated on that first day and just not playing it after the umpteenth crash. However, I've been keeping abreast with the custom config files and all the other little fixes, and combined with the latest patch, the game is actually running more or less flawlessly for me now and the only thing that still bothers me is the poor texture quality up close - but I just try not to look very hard and then it's all good.

I'm actually really enjoying RAGE. Just did the Dead City and many fun side quests like taking out the shrouded bunker. I'd actually have to say, overlooking the terrible technical issues at launch, this game is probably a good 7.5 or 8 to me. Any game that I look forward to playing more deserves at least that in my opinion.

Thank you Yahtzee for teaching me what juxtaposition means!

Love it, Though I thought they were going to mention the texture glitches, still funny as all hell. Any ideas when there gonna fix it?

Probably the most impressive thing I've seen so far is the "statue" in front of the Jackal bandits' canyon. It really does look like something a bunch of psychopaths with a theme, a lot of leftover scrap metal and way too much time on their hands would throw together. The thing I dislike the most about the game is that all this scenery is only viewable one way- the game is one step away from a rail shooter for all its linearity.

I'm also surprised to find that the game only really uses about half of my available power (both CPU and GPU) while running. But, for some reason, attempting to record the game makes it crackle and stutter like an epileptic tinfoil man.

Finally art that makes sense.
"What's it mean?"
"Stay the fuck off my lawn."
Kinda like a post-Apocalypse old man.

I find the idea of the various bandit groups creating art cool, though.

Grey Carter:
Onion Appreciation Day on planet Teargas.

That quote there actually made my eyes water.

The sculpture in panel 2 reminds me of Gaius from Shadow Of The Colossus.

I wonder if ppl knew that this was a console game from the Get go.

ie. Porting From PC to Console Is Doing Things Backwards, Says Rage Dev

I think this needs more posts, but I seriously can't think of anything to say other than "That was funny."

The Tate gallery should take a look at this game. Think of it as a virtual art walk-through simulator... except people are shooting you while you're trying to enjoy the scenery.

I think this needs more posts, but I seriously can't think of anything to say other than "That was funny."

Yeah, that comic was a well-delivered piece of comedy and I haven't actually played the game, so, that's all I got.

Yeah, I had this one pegged a uninspired brown bland-fest from the moment I first saw anything about it, and I have yet to see anything that contradicts that.

Well this was passable as a joke. Bravo.


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