Trailers: Hulk Hogan's Main Event - Trailer

Hulk Hogan's Main Event - Trailer

The lack of Hulk Hogan on the Xbox is an abomination.

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I'm a wrastlin' fan. But this is so lame.

Calling it now, the motion controls aren't as smooth as the trailer makes it seem.

That was just sad , poor Hulkster :(

Why does Hogan still try to do this stuff..he hasn't been relevant in wrestling since he tried going back to WWE after WCW went down the shitter.

This game would be perfect if in the create a character, if you make a toon under 6'2 it says "Sorry Brother you'll never be a real champ at this height"

"Learn wrestling the HULK HOGAN WAY Brother!"
You will learn:

How to become a big star while only being able to perform 12 moves/holds (Which includes Body Slam, the HULK UP (tm), Big Boot (tm), Finger point of doom (tm), and Shittiest Leg drop ever (tm) Finisher. Seriously, the commercial says he'll teach us 50 moves, can Hogan even NAME 50 moves, let alone do half of them (even in his prime)

How to knock out a talk show host (with a headlock) and draw blood on national TV. (This would actually be fun), and deal with the resulting lawsuit.

How to politic and position yourself so you look important, maintain your "spot", and assure your salary even while the company around you dies a slow but assured death. Special skills will be "Running guys down to the boss behind their backs", "Calling them 'Flea market champs', and taking "time off for a movie when you know rattings will take a hit from NBA playoffs"

How to impress and make people (By people I mean, those who run a wrestling organization but obviously have little idea how it works) forget that you're old, you can hardly move (let alone the fact you were never that great in the ring) and you're a blight on the company as you put yet another out of business less than 10 years after helping to put .

How to become popular enough to make crappy movies that don't make any money like Santa with Muscles, Mr. Nanny, and The Chaperone (Oh wait that was another blond haired buffed up self important wrestler dude's film...and we'll not speak of "the Marine")

Someone asks why he's doing this? Well he's doing what he's always done, putting his name on something so he can cash a cheque. Dude has an ex-wife, a kid in jail and the daughter is probably one cheque from daddy away from living on the street. I will guarentee you that he doesn't know, or care how good this game is, or how well it does. He's lent out his name, he did a commercial, he'll get paid regardless.

Why? Cause he'll get paid. We all need money, and I'm sure with his limited skill set, this is at least somewhat up his alley. (If only he hadn't have passed on the Hulk Hogan Grill)

In all honesty, Hogan was the biggest name in wrestling for years and may be the the only guy that non-wrestling fans still recognize, not that any of them are likely to buy this crappy game. But there always seems to be some dumb cluck with a pocket full of cash who thinks he can make a few more bucks with the Hulkster....silly fool, only one who ever makes money off the hulkster name now, is the Hulkster himself.

DOH. THought my first post got deleted. Refreshed like 5 times and it still didn't appear.


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