Assassin’s Creed Revelation Hands-On

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the assassin's creed series is just amazing
that's the 3rd game in a row with a good portion of innovation

it continues to get better and better each time
who would've ever thought ubisoft can make such a great thing
i hope the series continues for a long time



looking forward to it. but i have a feeling that the PC version will be postponed again to february next year as the other titles did.

Its been delayed by two weeks or so; personally, I would have put money on it being another ridiculous 2 or 3 month delay.

Not that you should buy it until the obnoxious DRM is removed some time in the future.

lol, i hate DRM too but so far it works fine for me. i just click on the exe file, it loads up and in a few secs im in the game.
well, im pretty sure the escapist will inform us if the pc version gets delayed. when AC 2 and brotherhood have been postponed, so will this one.

It has been delayed by a couple of weeks, it was announced a few weeks back.


It has been delayed by a couple of weeks, it was announced a few weeks back.

looks like i missed that one. well, i hope it will come out next month.

There are 3 main things AC needs to improve:

1st and most important: Combat, 1st one was bad, Brotherhood was better and fun for the first hours, but too easy and restrictive since you could only target one at the time and they attacked one at the time. Maybe they should try a more free style combat like Prince of Persia (Two Thrones is the one I know better, and had cool combat style)

2nd: Dificulty: Assassin's Creed is an easy series, everyone has to agree with me, Brotherhood was even easier because of the Assassin's we could call.

3rd: Better soundtrack, It's good, but not great like the rest of the game.

I look to Assassin's Creed series and see a 8,5 or 9 that with some work it could go to a 10 because the potential is there.
(Except ACI that's a 7 at most :P)

Erm, according to their history they aren't an ideology, just a group of people from Syria who used Assassination techniques like the assassin parts in the game to keep their kingdom alive.

They did have an ideology. They practiced a branch of Islam other Muslims thought was heretical, and adopted doctrines as part of their survival (e.g., taqiyya, which let you lie about your beliefs to save your life).

Doesn't really matter though, the Assassins in AC are a fictional society loosely based on the real Assassins, or more accurately, the historical propaganda of the Assassins.

Taking on whole armies is completely missing the point of that entirely and I really doubt that would fit in to a "secret" society where hundreds of men have been seen and killed, the amount of manpower and surveillance needed to keep like say any ol' guy who saw him kill whole armies from writing about it and the amount of trust you put into the people, rather laughable how everyone and their grandma doesn't know about them.

The AC series is pretty good about taking real historical events and adding Assassin or Templar involvement (e.g., all your assassination targets in AC1 who are historical figures really did die in that year of the Third Crusade, but in the AC universe it was because of Altair). That might be the case here.

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