Jimquisition: Steve Jobs and iOS -- Videogame Related

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Steve Jobs and iOS -- Videogame Related

Over the years, Jim Sterling has seen many games proudly proclaiming their disinterest in Apple products and smugly questioning why such products should be considered videogame related topics. This only intensified when Steve Jobs died and those same people demanded answers -- why is Steve Jobs related to videogames at all? Well, the Jimquisition will answer!

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I've been watching this from the start and ONLY just realized that the background song is Jesters of the Moon!

I'm now off to beat myself over the head with my Princess Garnet model as penance

Good episode Jim. I've spent more time playing Steam Birds on my Ipad than i have playing most 60 dollar console games and Steam Birds was only 5 bucks =3

I haven't played any iOS games, and I don't intend to start anytime soon, but I certainly agree that they're having an impact on the portable gaming industry.

For me personally, I don't really care about being able to play 5 minutes of Angry Birds, or any other game that essentially exists to kill time while on the bus or train, but I can understand while others would.

Similar to the Wii The iOS platform has expanded the audiences exposed to video gaming and that is not a bad thing. I agree with Jim and agree with what Apple has contributed to this.

I like to call them "Gaming Hipsters" Douche bags self assured of the superiority of whatever type of game THEY play and the inferiority of games THEY don't. They think that the main stream push of games is ruining what makes them superior by giving it to everyone. Because when everyone has something, it's not special anymore, and gaming in their eyes was what made them special. So they rage in response.

I dont really care about mobile gaming,so i not really bothered. Was thinking it was gonna be all about prasie for Jobs and i was all wound up ready to rant.
Angrys birds on your phone phftttt. Am still having fun with snake and pong

This is the second time he used the "A classic game is like that, so this current game/future game, which is essentially like that, has to be good too"-Argument. The first time being with dysnasty Warrior.

And frankly, I consider this argument to be rubish. Dances with Wolves is a classical movie. Yet Avatar recieved Flogging for ripping of the story. Why was Avatar a succesful movie nontherless? Because it had innovation in other areas.

We can not judge the future/present by measuring it with the standards of the distant past. That's not how a medium evolves.

I never quite got the hate for iOS games as well (mainly because I haven't seen a lot).

Small games offered on the iPhone and iPad are a preference to an audience, and it's pretty successful. I won't complain if something good resonates with an audience.

The iPhone has had some great stuff on it and is one of the best platforms out there. But Apple and Jobs especially never intended it to be so. The whole gaming thing took them by surprise and Job himself said countless times he wasn't interested in Video Games as a market. Apple have never designed a platform with gaming in mind at any stage, they've always been more focused on lifestyle apps and the gaming versitility was a by-product of that. So Jobs and Apple were accidental (even reluctant) gaming greats. But none the less they are gaming greats.

Just think what would happen if they started publishing, or even developing their own games?

I'm one of those people who is rather dismissive of iPhone games, and mobile gaming in general.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against them. Angry Birds and the like can be a good time. It's just not the kind of good time I look for in a game. They can't provide the kind of thing that Mass Effect 2 and Half Life 2 can, at least not yet.

Isn't this what yahtzee said in his iPhone game review about a year back? Just sayin'....

Good one Jim and I'm not just saying that because I am typing this on my iPad.

I like to call them "Gaming Hipsters" Douche bags self assured of the superiority of whatever type of game THEY play and the inferiority of games THEY don't. They think that the main stream push of games is ruining what makes them superior by giving it to everyone. Because when everyone has something, it's not special anymore, and gaming in their eyes was what made them special. So they rage in response.

Mid-boos I like the way you put that becuase it is not different then what ppl say when a local band makes it big and ppl state hating on it saying they "sold out"

I don't care if the publisher is Apple, Microsoft, EA or Valve, they're all just greedy bastards.

What I do care about though, is that - brace yourself - iOS and Android devices SUCK as gaming platforms. Yes, they may have the power, the display, the framework and the software, but they are still SHIT.

I had a touchscreen phone back in 2002. It worked okay. Not great, but okay. It had a few buttons and a jog dial. Now, you're lucky if you get just three shitty buttons, and those aren't usable for games. Most only have one or zero buttons.

Seriously guys - HTC, Nokia, whatever, is it so hard to make a iOS/Android/Windows phone with a friggn' D-pad and at least two buttons? Seriously? We had such phones and accessories back in 2003 if not earlier, dammit.

iPhone is not the future of phones. Friggin KEYPAD is. Nor is it a future of mobile games. BRING BACK NOKIA NGAGE!

Best Steve Jobs pseudo eulogy/retrospective I've seen thus far. And announcing that you just want a free ipad is icing on the cake. Someone give him an ipad 2!

I am perfectly comfortable with Apple as a major gaming competitor, so long as they don't do what they've done with everything else and kill every other competitor under the weight of a million tea-tray shallow gimmicks. I will gladly accept Apple as being on par with Microsoft and Sony, so long as in doing so I'm not allowing apple to kill off console gaming completely and turn the whole medium into single-function iOS casual games. They can kill the DS and PSP in the handheld markets if they want, but the'd better not start harming my consoles/PC.

If I were a top dog at Apple, I'd give you an I-pad <3
On a side note I've seen a lot of hateful comments (not necessarily here) about Jobs. Whilst I don't really like Apple's business model I can appreciate what that man turned that company in to. You have to have some respect for that. It's more than most of us have and will ever achieve.

I would also argue that historically Apple contributed a fair bit to gaming in others ways too, such as making the mouse mainstream; now the staple of PC gaming. Bungie started out making software purely for Apple PC's too.

Good show. Last bit had me chuckling.

While I agree that Apple has been a force to be reckoned with on the game market. People have to remember that getting one of their products will set you back more money then a 3DS. Especially if you are getting an iPhone or iPad. Which hardly compensates for the low cost of games on the platform. In fact, I'd want to state that it might be slightly unreasonable for a platform like iOS to charge people more for the apps too.

Not that I want to be negative. about it. Could still buy an Android phone.

I use my iPod more than my DS to play games when I'm on the bus and train. That is because I can buy more games for a price lower than the normal price of a DS game, or I could download a free game. Not only that, I can listen to music while playing these games. I could do the same with my DS, but it's less of a hassle when I have one electronic instead of two.

Once again i wasn't even aware people were still debating this; iOS and Android Let us not forget Android, iOS is not the only player in the game. Both ofer PC or laptop like capabilities. They are, for all intents and purposes, pocket PC experiences running a steamlined OS. Smartphones are the future of many applications of the PC, they are a direct evolution with a feature set actively working toward parity.

I think people confuse their very understandable misstrust of Apple with it "not being a legit platform", they seem content to let barely veiled ripp-offs abound but even someone like pop-cap can have a unicorn meat grinder based game rejected on apple's whim. The problem is that it is a very particular type of closed platfom and can be limiting to many coming from a PC background.

I don't buy apple products, i object to their business practices, their media choke-holding of negative press, their pricing and most of all their intolerable fanbase BUT i do recogise mobile OS's as the biggest sector of gaming growth.

Let's not forget that Steve Jobs worked for Atari in his and the company's freshman years, so excluding all mention of Apple and it's casual market explosion of popularity, Steve Jobs has still contributed to the videogame legacy by being apart of its beginnings.

I find Jims videos are awesome when you hit stop when he gets to the "thank god for me" bullshit. :-)Bus as for these phone games, they maybe be fun games, but they are made as time killers. Its why they are short and fun - doesnt mean to say they are not great games. I could play them on a bus but sitting at home? Nah. Rather play my 360.

I dont think Apple will try for the game making and console making business. They are making a fortune as it is and making and selling a new console from scratch can cost a fortune.

Having just procured an iPhone, I'm interested to see how this develops. I immediately downloaded Final Fantasy and Sonic 4 for it, and the experience is actually pretty good. While the vast majority of iOS games are more casual, just for killing time on the bus or something, these are pretty damn fun and engaging. Amazingly enough, the touchscreen doesn't even make it feel like a compromised experience. The pricing is also quite attractive.

Writing iOS (and Android) off completely seems foolish. As smartphones become ubiquitous, there's no reason these platforms can't become viable mobile gaming solutions. It's really up to the developers.

Sorry Jim, only Colbert can ask for Apple products and have them magically sent to him.

Maybe I should finally get an iphone so I can play some fun little games.

Thank you Jim, Now if only people would stop posting this like 'iFuneral' thinking they are funny or original.

I don't disagree, however I think the android market does just as well to create the same type of market. I just don't believe that, unless Apple can keep its blind market dominance, that Apple will continue to be the most widely used company around.

When it comes down to it, we are all now stuck with the design of a handheld tablet. So while currently the iPad can bull the market with a 600 price tag, I doubt such a model can be the most sold product five to ten years from now. Especially when instead of dropping 600 bucks, I can today purchase a 200 dollar 7-inch tablet. I just assume the market is going to get flooded with companies entries of whatever size tablets, instead of it being a market that is solely controlled by one company in a sense. So it may be a bit hard to continue to have a hand in this possible future shift, when no one without the right goods can play in the Apple market. But on the other side of the fence, everyone can share and enjoy all the same content regardless of what company their tablet, or phone came from. An exclusive market won't do anything but slowly die when the owning company can't keep their exclusive tech goods in the hands of the people, considering no other companies can help support it.

Yet currently I suppose the problem is that it is always hard to have the greatest product in a certain area unless you were the first or just can keep all the competition from competing. So even though Apple does sit on top now, I'm pretty certain there will be some change in the scenery considering every other company snapping at the bit for our money. Which overall is probably a good thing, one company cannot control a market, in order to keep creativity from diminishing steadily.

I love ya Jim, but I have a few disagreements with your points.

1) Yes, Apple is involved in games and is a legitimate venue. However, they are not nearly as involved in gaming as The Big Three. Apple has Iphone and Ipad games. Microsoft has the majority of PC gaming, a console AND cellphone games and you can make similar arguments about Sony and Nintendo.

*raises old-school flameshield*

2) I really wish you would stop using the oldies such as Pacman and the like to defend Iphone games. Those games are classics in the same way that Flash Gordan is a "classic". They were great in their day, but are by NO MEANS timeless. Some of you may want to dispute this, but can you honestly claim to have played one of those "classic" games in the last decade as anything but a quick time waster?

3) Yes Jim, these ARE good games, but my main problem is that very few of these Iphone games can't be found on the internet on Armor games and such for FREE. And in many cases, the online flash version is actually better.

Other than that, great episode. I like how you crusade for lesser known things and bring them to light.

I don't play games on a phone, never have and hopefully I never will. I downloaded a game called Zenonia on my DSi but it didn't take long to grow tired of it, with it's Atari 2600 control scheme. Even the NES had more than one button. On my PSP I downloaded Angry Birds just to see what all the hype was about, I will agree it wasn't a time waster as I quit playing out of boredom within 15 minutes. I handed it off to my GF and she played it for about an hour before getting bored with it too.

It's fine if everyone else wants to play these games, more power to them but there will always be an audience that prefers buttons (that's plural). As awful as the 3DS is, I would certainly get one before I would an iDevice.

One more thing, if the best examples he can come up with is Pac Man and Galaga....we moved past those games over 20 years ago.

Good episode Jim. I thought your style might seem distastful when talking about Steve Jobs' death, but you pulled it off.

Like with everything else that is apple related, I have to ask this question:
What did apple bring to gaming that wasn't already there?

Nothing really. All those games could have been made for other platforms.
Most iOS games can barely be called games. Releasing a game with a level of complexity as Pac-Man or the original Donkey-Kong is inexcusable, since games have advanced since then.
Games like Infinity Blade are good for an iPhone game, but can't really be compared to other modern games.
As I see it - Apple simply gave some people who didn't know any better some low level quality of games. If by having a large part of the future of gaming he meant making money off of gaming, I can agree. Apple knows how to make money period.

Mmm, I guess I can accept that.

Oh, one other thing though. Not to be childish, and I'm sure I'm not the first person to notice this, but the reflections of the studio lights in your sunglasses is hilariously distracting, reminiscent of a pair of pupils zipping around a massive buglike pair of eyes.

Gamers are, seemingly by their very nature, exclusive. They like to cut off anyone who doesn't play like them. It's no surprise nobody thinks of the iOS as gaming related.

Even if not, however, without Steve Jobs, we would not have gaming in its modern form. I'm sure something would have come up, but who knows what it would look like? Jobs contributed a lot to PCs over the years, even when it was through competition. PC gaming, though it has been constantly considered "dying" for three decades, is still a large part of gaming past (even if you discard its present).

I wasn't a big fan of the man, ever. But certainly, he is "on topic."

great, another stupid episode with ridiculous points. So if a phone OS can run games it suddenly becomes a force to reckon with? What a bunch of BS! Its nowhere near xbox or PS3. Granted, they are also called games, but they each take up their own niche. Its like saying that movie industry should fear all the TV series coming out as a rival in the medium. TV series will never be movies. Just like phone games will never be considered full-fledged games. Look at them technically: phone games are always technically simple, using gaming elements on a basic level, like simple stories, mechanics or physics. They are never sophisticated or complex, just like they carry no impact on the medium itself. Its not like phone games changed the industry, its games that changed the phones. While professional games is what drives the industry forward; where great stories are created, new mechanics developed and envelope constantly pushed. So saying phone games are on par with PS3 is one of the stupidest things you could have said!

I've never owned and Apple products except the years-old iPod Nano that I still use... Although, my family owned an original Macintosh computer which I used all the time. But I know what Steve Jobs has done and how he's helped shape an entire generation of not only gamers, but people in general.

A bit more humor next time please, Jim. iPhones and iPod touches are legitimate gaming platforms takes maybe 8 seconds to say, making the rest of the four minutes or so pretty much filler. This is the same thing that happens every 'issue' show and without some wacky humor to go along with it it gets real boring real fast.

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