Trailers: Inversion - Trailer

Inversion - Trailer

Play a game where you never truly know which way is up.

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Oh, look. Another ordinary shooter by Namco with a gimmicky premise that probably won't hide the fact that the gunplay and cover mechanics will either be run-of-the-mill, or outright shitty.

Honestly, this looks like yet another member of the Gears of War FPS school, just with a random and probably limited physics-raping concept.

It's like VVVVVV with guns. This could turn out well but I just have this stinking feeling it simply won't.

I kept having flashbacks to the inception trailer...

Wait wasn't this game supposed to have something to do with aliens invading? I recall an article in a magazine awhile back about gravity defying gameplay like this. At that time I think it was a cover based shooting, but I thought you moved things via a gravity gun to make said cover.

I kept having flashbacks to the inception trailer...

Bloody Ninja's I was just about to have a go at the soundtrack reminding me of something that was awesome by something that wasn't.

Ahh well... Perhaps shooter season 2011-2012 will have a few low points as well...


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