The Big Picture: Demon Seed

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Demon Seed

You'll never look at your PC the same way again.

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Shame how no one's ever heard about this movie:
It can only be attributable to human error.

Shame how no one's ever heard about this movie:
It can only be attributable to human error.

Nice reference :D.
But yeah, that is very creepy, but not as bad as the human centipede.

Dude, Halloween doesn't stop at November 1! It stops as soon as the annual Treehouse of Horror episode airs!

Well that was... Different... I guess... Maybe?

Never heard of this movie, and not really motivated to go see it now, but it reminds me somewhat of the "fly" movies...

I've seen this film. I think I caught it twice on late night TV.

It's a silly film, really and not that good. But it's funny.

Apple II - Giggity! I seriously laughed at that joke. Good stuff, keep it up! :)

Suddenly, caressing my mouse takes on a whole new connotation.

The computer going "Giggity" nearly killed me.

Also, the premise of this movie is... creepy as all hell. I don't even think I could watch this if I wanted to. -.-

o... creepy funny as heck, but a little creepy too, wonder whats next week's will be.

Bob, I'll have you know that your show is the only reason I even get out of bed on a Tuesday. You complete me. Bear my children.

Dude, Halloween doesn't stop at November 1! It stops as soon as the annual Treehouse of Horror episode airs!

Uh... Isn't that on the 30th?

OT: Let's be honest, after the internet (and a fair amount of hentai) nothing in that premise is shocking other than the fact it wasn't porn.

Hey! I saw that movie on TV! Well, a part of it, anyway. I saw about 15ish minutes of it and decided that I didn't want to watch a film about a woman being held prisoner by her appliances for sex, so I kinda switched the channel...

I caught this film on TV myself. I was maybe fourteen and I spent the entire run mesmerized and wondering what the heck was wrong with the 70's. Yeah, the symbolic aspects were a little too nuanced for me to pick up, at the time I just thought that some director was getting his jolies off with robo-rape.

I mean, this was the same decade that made Flesh Gordon.

I love that movie! Prefered the book admittedly but still a great movie no one saw. Also back when I first saw it I saw a movie called Colossus: The Forbin Project. Now there's a movie that gets you thinking!

Cool looks like a movie to check out...But wait you are doing another halloween movie after halloween, surly it should all be going christmas by them :P That is the suttle vibe I am getting from town anyway.

Huh and I thought this couldn't get any weirder.

I was really excited when you told us last week that it'd be a movie we've probably never heard of, and for some reason I really was not expecting it to be a movie that I've not only heard of, but have seen and liked.

Demon Seed was fun, it was nice seeing an episode devoted to it.

Well, technically, Halloween doesn't end until November 2, the mexican celebration of "Dia de los Muertos". I love that day.

OT: Well, that's... intereseting, to say the least.

Ah an Apple II, I see what-

(The text "Giggity" appears on the screen)


I love how the computer forced her to have a child, and the husband's only thought is "I betcha I can learn something from this."

So basically, this is something Cavia's Drakengard 3 would have been like if it was set in the future and Cavia wasn't axed. =d

(Or really, a calm version of Drakengard 1 if it was set in said future)

Woo finally a film I've seen before Big Picture.

Have You ever seen a guy killed by a math puzzle?

No. But I did see a guy killed by a math (Cube 2 :D ).

Still that Giant Killer Rubik's Snake was awesome :)

Demons Seed and the Entity. Two creepy movies from my youth. Thanks for the reminder Bob. Back to therapy I go.

And yes that is Robert Vaughn's voice as rapey AI.

Shlocktober in November? You mean Shlockvember? Brilliant!

I don't know why but I get really annoyed when I get told "its probably something you've never heard of", and yet I have. Tis a strange pet-peeve.

But yeah, Demon Seed is awesome and freaky as hell for a film so ridiculous.

'Most of you haven't seen and even fewer have even heard of'?

Now really, Bob. I can't let that one pass. Get your elementary set theory sorted out. :)

Nice episode as always - looking forward to seeing what movie corpse you reanimate next week!

"Show us where your lap top touched you."

"A movie that few of you have seen and even fewer of you have even heard of."


Are you saying that there are people who have seen this movie without hearing about it?

Oddly, I saw this one...

I remember this one. Saw it one late Halloween night when a co-worker brought a portable TV to work. He got tied of my kicking his ass at chess so we watched movies in between patrols(security at a warehouse). Was easily the most scarred i had seen that twitchy bastard. we had a break in one night and he was less afraid at that point than he was after watching Demon seed in a warehouse for a computer store.

Says a lot when hes more afraid of computers after a movie than 4 punks loose in the warehouse.

Giant Killer Rubik's Snake, you say? Another intelligent computer desiring a mobile body and free will? Yeah, I'll probably have to check this out, now.

Although, it makes me wonder--predicting all of these terrible scenarios of death by computer, will we stop them before they get us, or will our fictions become our futures?

The Apple II going 'giggity' on the screen cracked me up.

So, basically from what I gather is that it's HAL 9000 but more rape-y, gotcha. Looks like I know what I'm going to be watching come Halloween, I always watch silly horror movies during the day.

I can remember seeing pieces of Demon Seed on at least three different occasions, but I somehow always managed to miss the beginning. The earliest bit I've seen is when Proteus first takes control of the house.

Westworld should be remade. I generally hate remakes, but it was an awesome concept (Jurassic Park with robot cowboys), with a really foreboding atmosphere, and a soul-raping ending - the only problem was it was directed by its writer, Michael Crichton, who should have stuck to the day job.

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