Trailers: Plants vs Zombies - Halloween Trailer

Plants vs Zombies - Halloween Trailer

If you ever thought that you were awkward just take solace in the fact that you aren't a zombie.

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That was fun and all, but does it have anything to do with the game? Is there a Halloween update or something?
Was this just a fun video? What?

Aww. I was hoping there would be footage of some Halloween themed levels. I'd really like some more Plants vs. Zombies.

Video was nice though.

Zombie pumpkin carving body armor flash mob? What? I mean, it was entertaining, but...

Either way, I hope this means a few Halloween levels. That would be really cool.

Pop cap...Im embarrassed to say I love you...
but I do.

Zombie stroking non-existant beard was awesome.

I was hoping for a halloween expansion/dlc/update.

These videos make me want to work for Popcap.

And I just got done with the second playthough. Damn. Oh, well, nice to see Supershigi is doing well.


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