No Right Answer: Best Stephen King Movie Adaptation

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Best Stephen King Movie Adaptation

Love him or hate him, Stephen King has supplied the world with a scary amount of films adapted from his books. But which one puts chills up your spine the most? Chris and Kyle discuss two, but there are so many to choose from. Which one is your favorite? Or are you too scared to post?

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There is a right answer and its Stand by me

I personally think the Shawshank Redemption. Most of his non horror stuff is excellent to be honest. The best of the horror stuff would be IT in my opinion.



Edit: That had me literally laughing out loud for a couple minutes.

Eoghan Kelly:
I personally think the Shawshank Redemption. Most of his non horror stuff is excellent to be honest. The best of the horror stuff would be IT in my opinion.

I quite agree. Shawshank and Green Mile are definately up there. I was actually dissapointed that Green Mile wasn't the focus of this video, and I'm normally not that bothered by No Right Answer.

Also, I hold a grudge against the movie adaptation of Carrie for being boring 99% of the time only to scare me shitless at the very end. WTF!

There is a Wrong Answer, and it's The Shining.

Ignoring the myriad differences between the book and the film - most notably, Jack Torrance doesn't start out crazy - Kubrick torturing Duvall.

The Mist I haven't seen, but it wins by default.

Carrie is still FAR better though.

The Mist loses on account of it being directed by Frank Darabont who has the annoying habbit of putting a 10 pound ham in every actor's mouth.

Probably a better title would be "multiple right answers," though it isn't as catchy. In this case though there is ONE right answer and that is Shawshank Redemption.

The right answer is The Shining. You've got Kubrick and Nicholson both at the top of their game, and Shelley Duvall being driven to an actual nervous breakdown. Second is Misery, which features easily the most deservedly Oscar winning performance of all time.

mronoc, you are what I like to call, wrong.

You can say the Shining was a good movie (I disagree, but that's a matter of opinion). You can say the book is a good read (it is). But the movie is disqualified as an adaptation of the book, and therefore not eligible to be included in the voting. The book and the movie have NOTHING to do with each other. The names of the characters are the same. The name of the hotel is the same (The Overlook). Otherwise, they are two entirely separate things with no relation whatsoever. You can't call it an adaptation, it was a complete rewrite. Kubrick obviously thought he could do a better job writing the story than King could, and that's what he attempted to do.

The Mist, hands down. It had full scenes and lines pulled straight from the story. And the only real difference was the last two minutes, imo.

Of those 2 defenantly the mist. But overall I'm gonna agree with mr. king himself and say stand by me.

You're ALL WRONG!!! It's The Night Flyer. End of discussion.


Running Man


I'd say Shawshank Redemption. One of the best movies ever anyway.

Mind you, Stephen King himself'd probably disagree, but that's cause he's a whiner ( I've read all his books, they're awesome :)).

Edit: I think the idea that the film should be as faithful as possible ridiculous. Film is a different medium and should reinterpret the story rather than follow it to the letter. Last good example is Nolan's Batman films.

Also, King's real horror stories are hard to reinterpret cause of his imagination and amazing character builds (which take too much time to properly put on film.

*sighs and shakes head*





XD but seriously, I dont agree.

I didnt care for the mists ending. And the shining... well, you can go to any forum board with a discussion on it and see the hate book fans have for it. But of those two, the mist is the better adaptation (even if the ending is bullshit and should not have been included).

HOWEVER! Those are two really crappy choices. You could have picked Salem's Lot, Children of the Corn (the first one, which up until the end was really good), Shawshank, THE GREEN MILE (winner by the way), Stand by me, The Stand, creep show, Christine, apt pupil (really good by the way).

Though it was nice seeing the langoliers getting a nod.

No, Stand By Me is THE best adaptation.

Edit: I think the idea that the film should be as faithful as possible ridiculous. Film is a different medium and should reinterpret the story rather than follow it to the letter. Last good example is Nolan's Batman films.

I presume this is more or less directed at me.

I agree with you. That's why it is called an "adaptation". Changes when adapting from one medium to another are both necessary and good.

However, that's not what was done with the Shining. Those are completely different stories. You cannot call it an adaptation and keep a straight face. It's not an adaptation, it's a rewrite. And therefore you cannot really compare the movie and the book. They are two separate and totally different things.

Has anyone mentioned Pet Cemetery yet? I thought that was a pretty decent adaptation.

This felt pretty half-assed; 'make their cheese slide right off their cracker' made me laugh, though.

I haven't read The Shining, but a good adaptation takes what it can directly from the source material and changes what it must to fit into a film format. Whether it's a good adaptation or not, The Shining is a great movie.

It takes the cake. Production values are lame, but Tim Curry is fucking awesome. The Shining was a good movie, but after reading the novel, ugh. I agree with King, this is a terrible adaptation.

Haha awesome to see the AVGN and Spirited Away in there! ...But is it bad that I didn't know Stephen King wrote The Shining?

The Green Mile. First and only movie to make me ahed manly tears. Yes, multiple manly tears,

The Shawshank Redemption, Stand by Me and The Green Mile don't count because it is a Halloween themed "No right answer" so it has to be horror movies.

The Shining, Kubrick, 'nuff said.
Loved Misery too

I didn't even have to watch the full episode to know that there is indeed a right answer.

Seriously, though, it's The Shining. The Mist might have had atmosphere, but the story was flat-out ridiculous.

Really didn't like Green Mile. Shawshank Redemption was okay.

The Stand and Stand By Me are my 2 close favourites.

The Mist wasn't too bad. The Shining was okay.

Misery was excellent.

Langoliers was pretty good aswell.. Salems Lot was pretty decent. Pet Cemetery was good.

I'd love to see a decent film series done of Dark Tower.


my two cents

praise ;)

No, it was something Kyle said I think. Thanks anyway.

Agree with the Pet Cemetary. It was one I watched as a 10 year old and it stuck with me for years.

langoliers was good but the effects were awful.

Haven't seen The Mist. Have seen Phantoms. Might track down The Mist.

Sad to say, for a while I thought they were Freddy Kreuger gloves, not Wolverine...

A surprisingly strong showing given that it was built on the initial premise of, "I hated that movie, but at least I've seen it."

Was that the Angry Videogame Nerd?

Anyway, I personally liked The Shawshank Redemption best. I'm not the biggest fan of horror.

I will say that both The Mist and The Shining are the best adaptations, but when it comes to which one is the best, I have to say it's a close tie.
On the one hand, The Shining is a great example of how the adaptation can sometimes exceed the original source material, Stanley Kubrick is brilliant when it comes to pacing and composition, and it was genuinely creepy(I did not see the meaning of "redrum" coming, Jack Nicholson is fantastic in this, etc.). Not to mention that it features the one moment in any film I've ever seen where I was both aroused but terrified at the same time (you know it if you've seen it). Not to mention that the ending just blows your mind (I still don't know what it means).

On the other hand, The Mist has some of the best monsters in any film of the last decade, plenty of great acting, and the very notion that biggest terror in the film isn't so much the monsters, but some of the people in this movie. Basically, it's a great example of a potential scenario in which humanity finds itself threatened yet we're all still the same selfish, arrogant, high-minded jerks people normally are. Also, the ending is a huge slap to the face. Seriously, it will kick your ass and piss you off. In a good way.

I vote for "Needful Things" as best adaptation... and... NO NO NO NO !!! Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining" is a great movie but it can't be an adaptation is more like an interpretation is way different from the book

The Shawshank Redemption is clearly the right answer as it is both one of the greatest movies of all time and the only Stephen King story I have ever enjoyed.

The only one I've seen is the Mist, so was happy to see it there. I know I should watch the rest, maybe I will some day.
I really liked the mist. The ending was haunting, even though, from what I can tell from this thread, it's different from the book's.

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