Trailers: Raving Rabbids: Alive and Kicking - Trailer

Raving Rabbids: Alive and Kicking - Trailer

These Raving Rabbids are indeed alive and kicking.

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Why? Just why?

Did anyone even like these things? They were like a tumor that formed on the Rayman series that lived there for a while but then was surgically removed but continued to live on it's own like some disgusting parasite.

This series is still alive huh...?
Alive and kicking....
More like "Raving Rabbids: Beating the dead horse"

Nah, more like "Raving Rabbids:Microsoft paid us a metric FUCKTON of money to make this piece of crap".

Quiet Stranger:

Did anyone even like these things?

Yes, and I don't feel the love...

I don't get all the hate. Is it some nostalgia over Rayman?

It's a spinoff, you don't HAVE to play it out of loyalty to it's platformer ancestors.

There's a reference to Wario-Ware here somewhere.

Never played Rayman, not into party games, do find the Rabbids funny though.

The Rabbids changed Rayman into a bunch of party games, that's what's with the hate. In a way, they were the most successful villains of the series as they killed the games for a lot of people.

But personally, I don't mind this game. It seems like UbiSoft wants to develop the Rabbids separately from Rayman, which is totally fine with me. They can do some wacky Kinectastic party games with the Rabbids and Rayman can keep the platform-y adventure action in fantastic worlds against imaginary enemies.

And now I get the irresistible urge to beat up some robo pirates from outer space with golden flying fists. Or shrink potato sacks with a whirlwind, then stomp on them and love in the face of their fleeing black souls to replenish my health.


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