Trailers: Lord Of The Rings: The War in the North - The New Fellowship

Lord Of The Rings: The War in the North - The New Fellowship

Push into the world that you haven't been to before.

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I'd really like to see one of these LOTR games were you get to make your own character, especially if they are going to rinse and repeat the same roles game after game, despite this being a new cast of characters at the end of the day we are still using diet aragorn legolas light and i cant believe its not gimlee, if your going to remain that close to formula at least let me design my character, example: mass effect, your going to play as a human, your going to be a spectre, and your going to progress through this story; but at least i can custimize so that its MY human spectre progressing through said story, if you are giving me another human ranger let me make it MY human ranger and not just your preset one

I say this like the people making these games are gonna read this, which is somewhat silly of me now that im done typing it, hmm, retrospect

12 hour diablo clone. Fail.

Give me something befitting of the War of the Ring.


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