Name Game: Virtual Road Trip

Virtual Road Trip

This ain't no magic school bus.

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Yay for desert bus! Can't wait. <3

Will they ever get there? We may never know.

On a more serious note, can't wait for Desert Bus this year. I'll be sure to donate some money if i'm able to.

Desert Bus: Bus Strikes Back!

First Skyrim, then Saints Row 3, now Desert Bus? My NaNo is never getting finished is it?

The one time I'm in favor of forced busing

Oh hooray, I love Desert Bus. It just kills any kind of productivity I have at work.

Looking forward too it....I actually got some money this I'll both donate and try my hand at the auctions...dem prizes. >.>

Yes! Desert Bus is always an interesting event. Last year i was new to the concept and didn't really get drawn in until it was almost too late, but this year i'll donate and take part in auction!


(For some reason i read that last part like something from 106.7 The Drive which might actually be more appropriate than i'd hoped for)

Awesome, can't wait for desert bus to start again. Didn't sleep for nearly a week last time.

Back already? YES!

This is going to make assignments much easier to bear, knowing that there is a webshow of people more bored than I am.

Every year DBFC rolls around, it makes me wonder why Penn & Teller have never tried to make another video game.

I got time of college, a 12 bottles of premium local ale, my all rush mixtape and £100 set aside to make whoever i see fit riverdance until their eyes bleed for my amusement. Just like last year;

Ands thats the story of how i nearly killed matt XD

Seeing as I just got let gop from my previous job, guess Ill have some down time for the next week or so.

Ah, Desert Bus... The one time a year where love and abuse becomes one.

Looking forward to it! On my birthday to boot!

I wonder how much I'd have to pay to get to play a game of magic with one of the LRR crew over skype.

Your comics are so awesome and full of personality.

I wonder how much I'd have to pay to get to play a game of magic with one of the LRR crew over skype.

This is a very good question and I must know the answer to it.

I'm taking bets right now.

I say Luke snaps first, $70 dollars on that.

I think desert bus is a good cause, but it seems like Name Game will use just about any excuse not to have to come up with an actual strip.

It has been ponyfied.


Not by me... definitely not by me. I can't create/edit images to save my life >.>


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