The New Black Gold and Brothers of The Creed

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The New Black Gold and Brothers of The Creed

These songs didn't go quite according to plan.

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I have removed my words from this site.

I didn't say this when it first came out but I knew within about 1 second that New Black Gold was going to be awesome. I was right.

Anyway I like this column for 2 reasons. 1) as a non-artistic person I really like hearing how artistic people tic. 2) an article to read at work on Wednesdays, hurray!

Also apparently you are multiple people

Great article once again, always looking forward to these :)

Until it was pointed out, I hadn't noticed anything controversial about the 'white hood' line. Some people are too quick to see connections to things. The context is completely different, and it's not like something so nebulous as a particular-colored hood is completely representative of a certain group.

Also, New Black Gold was amazing, and easily the best of your songs in my opinion.

This article had ENTIRELY WRONG TEMPO AND VOICE I'm amazed you could fail so badly after answering questions so well last time.

I like seeing you approach feedback and criticism, it's just a shame that so much of it is as thoughtlessly put forward as some of those examples. It's hard to give a great answer to a bad question.

I absolutely adore The New Black Gold and while I think your original sounds interesting, you really hit perfection with the final version. I'd love to hear a song about Metal Gear. Not even a particular game, just the series itself.

To be fair to Brothers of the Creed, the first time I listened to it I wasn't entirely sold. Musically I love it because it fits the style of the first game where everything really took off, but I really had to listen to the lyrics a few times because that's where I had a few problems with it. Eventually I got that it's not about the characters but rather the overall theme of the game. After reading this I totally see why you did this and it now all makes sense. I guess it was something I wasn't expecting.

With New Black Gold, I love that song, and I could hear Nine Inch Nails in it. I think that song fits perfectly with the setting of the game.

Maybe you could talk about Zombie Holiday...? I'm just a little curious to know about the details of that song.

I really love these articles, keep 'em coming!

Brothers of the Creed has to be one of my favourite MOS songs (no suprise I guess with my avatar) it's overall theme works and it's nice to see someone approach the games from a different angle
Thanks for the music Gav!

No matter how much it was changed, The New Black Gold will ALWAYS be one of my favorite songs in existence, and unless something even better comes along (slim chance) I still want to buy permission to use it in my projects. It is sooooooo good. "Slave to the New Black Gold, there's a heartbeat under my skin..."

I actually have one criticism that seems appropriate now after the talks of repetition. Almost every song (if not all of them) you've released recently has exactly followed the verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus structure. This is more something that bugs me rather than something that you're doing wrong, though.

Also, do more things like Beauty Bleak. Lots more things.

So, you said kill for good in you're white hood with no intention of it being related to the KKK, and people flip.

But with "black gold" you're referencing slavery of Africans, another huge issue, and nobody seems to care.


Brothers of the Creed has grown on me a little since I first listened to it (and the whole KKK thing must be the stupidest piece of criticism I have ever encountered. Even if you've never played Assassin's Creed you can see on the fucking music video that it's just a reference to the Altair/Ezio's clothing!) I still think I would have preferred it to be less rocky and more in keeping with the music in the OST's of the games, particularly Assassin's Creed 2, but I still wouldn't call it 'bad' by any means.

It took me literally weeks to get New Black Gold out of my head, and I mean that as a compliment :)

Edit: Oh yeah, suggestions. How about a retrospective on all 3 Gears songs you've done so far? Maybe tell us what keeps you coming back to the Gears games for material, do you just really like them, or is there another reason?

I really liked Brothers of the Creed, I thought it was a very good song about the over arching story of series, again like a couple of other commenter's I don't really get the whole KKK thing and some of the other comments did seem stupid at the end of the day I thought that there was nothing wrong with the song or the lyrics at all, but then again its all just my opinion and yeah I liked the New Black Gold [although I prefer Brothers of the Creed funnily enough.]

If not for the songs and talent alone, it's the way you handle the critisism that makes me love ya gavin. I laughed and agreed quite a few times on the Creed song despite being one of those who critisized it.

OT: SOOOO happy to hear your planning on more AC songs :D happiness!!!

OT OT: Could you possibly announce when the new CD's come out? Specificly the one that has these two songs on it :)

Saints Row the Third, it has super awesome ost, I mean the menu songs aka Initiation Station soundtrack.

"black gold" you're referencing slavery of Africans, another huge issue, and nobody seems to care.

I always thought it meant oil. Maybe because I'm an Amurrican in Tayxehs, but whatever.

Didn't really see anything to hate in the AC song, i found it just not suiting my music taste. But damn, that Deus EX one... bloody brilliant, that's what it is. Love it.
Also, these are pretty interesting to read, looking forward to the next one.

It's either New Black Gold or Commander Shepard for the greatest song from MOS (in my opinion). I just can't decide which one is better.

Because the music industry is a giant pile of festering, stinking dogshit that is slowly eating itself from the inside with regurgitated, autotuned X-factor contestants stuck to its shitty teeth.

I couldn't agree with you more.

KKK? Seriously, you guys, seriously?

Jeez. Way to project your fears, white middle-class America.
I'm sure if you pretend to be on their side they won't try to secede into a black nation any time soon.

Moving out of the 60's back to rational discussion, however, I frankly enjoyed both the songs.
More than Zombie Holiday and The Grind, certainly.

Your voice is just too melodic for screaming metal, I feel.

Normandy vs Commander Shepherd, the battle over songs that should be included as Easter eggs in Mass Effect 3, assuming they fix up the plot to a point where it deserves it.

As someone who was impelled to play Deus Ex for the first time a while back because of The New Black Gold, I have to say that it evokes the spirit of Deus Ex better than Deus Ex does. I wouldn't have enjoyed the game half as much without that song.

Some of the negative criticisms are just downright ridiculous. That being said, I gush about New Black Gold to whoever I can. I looove that song. Brilliant job with that one.

I absolutely loved the very quiet calm verses followed by the awesome chorus, but I did feel the chorus itself needed something else there, maybe some sweet guitar riff. The layering in the second half of the song was amazing too, just awesome.


Your voice is just too melodic for screaming metal, I feel.

Yeah, he has too much of a bluesy feel. He could probably pull off old-school Sabbath/Maiden style metal.

And yeah, I have no idea why the hell people saw the KKK thing. Overly-sensitive people gonna see issues where there aren't any, I guess.

If you're going to sell your stuff on itunes I don't know why you can't include both versions of the Assassin's Creed song. It's not my favourite but some people may prefer the original. Having the option I think is beneficial. I don't know if itunes includes some sort of note that can go alongside the song as a disclaimer, not that you should need one of course.

Also in case if it's not apparently racism is a huge touchy subject in America. Don't forget when Dog the Bounty Hunter said the N word and almost lost his career.

I really don't get why people have hated on "Brothers of the Creed". Personally i thought it was pretty damn awesome and captured the spirit of the games as it should. And i totally agree that the scream towards the end was beautiful ;P

As for the New Black Gold there's not really much to say. It's one of those songs were everything just seems to work. The lyrics in particular, and you really shouldn't care what people say about your voice. I'm pretty sure you know it best yourself after some years as a musician to see what context it might work in.

For future songs to talk about i'd like to see "Zombie Holiday" added in with "Redemption Blues". I'm curious what convinced you to make the game swap back and forth between sounds the way it did :)

If you guys really want BOTC with the original lyrics I can put it on Itunes I guess.

Many thanks for answering my question! Anyway, you said that you do songs for games that are popular at the moment, but if you could indulge yourself in doing a song about a game just because you wanted to, what would that be?

Also, would still like to hear about "Fire In Your Hole," which has to be the most awkward song of yours to ask about :\

EDIT: double post fail :P

Many thanks for answering my question! Anyway, you said that you do songs for games that are popular at the moment, but if you could indulge yourself in doing a song about a game just because you wanted to, what would that be?

I'm planning one soon, I'm gonna leave it a surprise for now though ;)

Just wanted to pop in and say I LOVE the Strapping reference here.
Oddly enough, listening to Far Beyond Metal right now. :D

Anyway, uh... sorry, nothing else to contribute here.
Just thought that was awesome ^_^

Ya know, it's odd. Everyone is a music critic and everyone can say "omg lyrics, omg tone, omg tempo, omg <random comment without proper constructive critisism>". But I hardly seen anyone say the details of the matter.

I must admit that the Brothers of the Creed song did catch me offguard the initial few seconds and made me wonder if my headset was plugged in correctly. But after listening to it a few times I got the hint. You were trying something different then usuall weren't you? I liked the references in the song and it set the mood just perfect before the presstrip to Utrecht where AC:Revelations was beeing held.

The New Black Gold. Hrm. The slow lyrics combined with the faster paced rythmic are a nice contradiction to eachother. Reminds me, I should complete that game but....



Skyrim... you know?
ANyway keep making them vids and don't stop experimenting and trying something -else-
Contemplating purchasing a few albums

Well, that explains so much. Every time Brothers of the Creed plays on my ipod I wonder to myself "where did that line go?" Sometimes people are just too sensitive with these things.

Anyway. Keep up the great work; Please do a Space Marine song; your comment about the music industry completely made my day; And for next column, maybe Age of the Dragon? It has a special place in my heart because it was the first of your songs I heard, and because its closeness to my favourite genre.

Just wanted to pop in and say I LOVE the Strapping reference here.
Oddly enough, listening to Far Beyond Metal right now. :D

Strapping reference? Where dude? I seem to have forgotten if I did that! lol

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