The Big Picture: Skin Game

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Skin Game

PETA attacks videogames. MovieBob hits back

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Hmm. Interesting. So what was this website's email again? I would rather like to hear there opinion on my cat.


Finally someone tells the truth about the lunatics that claim to love animals.

Bob three weeks in a row and we havent had any happy-go-lucky nerd culture episodes. Why not go back to Comic ARE WEIRD. That was always interesting

Thank you for enlightening me Bob (Aside from the PETA info I didn't even know tanuki were real animals)
I promise to start ignoring PETA even more from this day forward

All I can say is... OWNED! Great episode, great work, keep it up Bob! :)

Great episode about PeTA, Bob, though I disagree with many of your positions regarding animals. For starters, there should be no such thing as "crimes against animals."

Looks like PETA...
* puta on shades *
is going to the dogs.


Another great and enlightening episode Bob, loving the series as always.

Seriously, can we have a comic/tv is weird episode again?

yeah Peta is a a bunch of scum bags. they completely converted one my friends and in our freshman year of high school. She was on their mailing list, had flyers to hand out at school and all sorts of stuff, she even went vegan. Then we found out all this shit Peta does and informed her. during a trip to a steak house. she has since broken ties with Peta made donations to the ASPCA and found that she particularly loves BBQ ribs and colby jack cheese. so happy ending for her but i have a sad feeling that among the idealized youth PETA preys on, she is an exception.

I was wondering when you were going to comment on this... or IF you were going to comment on this. After all, PETA just wants attention, so the best thing to do is to just ignore them, right?

Or perhaps Bob's method is even better. Not just drawing attention to PETA, but drawing attention to their supposedly "sketchy" actions.

PETA as an organization has gone the same route as Green Peace and the Sierra Club, except that they started out being batshit insane, instead of having the crazies take over after all the sensible ones left or got forced out.


That was an amazing episode, Bob!
I'm one of those veggie eating environmentalist hippies (when I'm not busy polluting the planet via sciencing, but that's another story), and I also cannot stand PETA. It's just the hypocrisy that gets me, and the blatant lies, the misrepresentation, the stupidity, the...FUCKING SEA KITTENS!
Fuck PETA, and the easiest way is indeed to ignore them. Oh wait, shouldn't have written this then, huh?

Skin Game

PETA attacks videogames. MovieBob hits back

Watch Video

I love your show. Well, the shows on the Escapist, anyway, I haven't looked into your other stuff.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I always look forward to seeing your shows every week. I'm glad that someone actually knows the deal about PETA and is willing to spread the word.

Also, let's hope zombies never come about, because I'm sure PETZ will be around then as well. XD

Not a whole lot said here that I haven't already seen on Bullshit, but the things that I didn't know where interesting enough.

And about Michael Vick... yeah, he got off easy, but I'm still not sure he should be condemned forever because of it.

Thank you! I support ACTUAL ethical treatment of animals, and PETA's really been buggin me. At first just because they made animal rights seem dumb by attacking everything where animals were not treated as forest gods, but then I learned about their real agenda and that really shocked me.
Hpoefully they'll finallu get some HONEST attention.

I'm going to post this on my Facebook page, just so my friends can see how terrible PETA is. Hopefully that's ok to do, but I think MovieBob would like to see as many people enlightened about PETA's awful practices.

I just really wonder why the hell so many damn celebrities do stuff for PETA. Pamela Anderson, Bill Maher, Bob Barker, etc, etc, help out PETA. While I do like some of the celebrities, their support for PETA just baffles me and it just makes them look like a bunch of people trying to get attention by attaching their name to a attention-grabbing monster.

Thanks Bob for doing an episode on this. There's nothing that bugs me more than a radical group that undermines the people they supposedly agree with. As an vegan and animal rights activist, I feel like a Christian probably does with Westboro Baptist Church.

And thanks for mentioning ASPCA at the end. They're a much better group to donate to if anyone is interested.

Great episode about PeTA, Bob, though I disagree with many of your positions regarding animals. For starters, there should be no such thing as "crimes against animals."

Really? So you wouldn't consider it to be a bad thing if you starved a dog nearly to death, chained it up so that skin actually grew around the metal of the chain, and threw rocks at it for having the audacity to beg its owner for some food, until it inevitably died a long and painful death?

On top of all of the things you mentioned Bob, the worst part of PETA for me is the fact that they have openly supported, both financially and publicly, the Animal Liberation Front. It is an organization that was included in the United States Department of Homeland Security list of domestic terrorist threats. Look these guys up some time, they are some scary people.

Great episode about PeTA, Bob, though I disagree with many of your positions regarding animals. For starters, there should be no such thing as "crimes against animals."

Yes, it's not like they can feel anything.

I already knew about PETA killing nearly all the animals it "rescued", but I didn't know that they were (allegedly) "rescuing" animals from animal shelters and slaughtering them. And upon further thought (I try to expend as little mental energy on PETA as possible), their position on pets is akin to genocide.

Way to go Bob!! Way to lay it on to...ummm...uhhhh...ahhh...EPA?...uhhh...i don't remember...who we were...talkin about...oops

Wow! A lot of video game web commentary has been taking on PETA and the hypocrisy of animal rights activists lately. Another show I watch compared Pokemon's Team Plasma with PETA, the ALF, and the ARM:

I think the common thread with both videos is that very few people would actually SUPPORT animal abuse, but that these "activists" go about spreading their message in underhanded, illegal, and, like Bob said, just plain shady ways. It's hypocrisy, pure and simple. And it's our job to be informed about these organizations, their full set of beliefs, and their practices.

I knew some of the stuff you brought up, but not all of it. I have to say... damn. I knew they didn't like people keeping pets, but, I didn't relise they wanted to wipe pet breeds out, more or less.

I'm a proud owner of an English Bull dog, named Bruce. (he's Batdog! Yes, i am that geeky...I have a picture of him in a Batsuit... i really need to upload that for my sig eventually..) Peta... will have one hell of a fight on there hands... before they come anywhere near my boy...

Ive said many times before, I dont agree with most of what Bob says...


I'd love to see Bob do an episode on Grant Morrison's run on Animal Man, particularly given that in the final issue he gave PETA an extremely blatant endorsement.

Not to say it wasn't a wonderful series of comics - it was exceptionally good and might well be Morrison's best work overall, but I do find myself wondering if he's still so enthusastic about that organisation.

Actually, just do an episode on Grant Morrison in general. He's not quite as nuts as Alan Moore, but then... who is?

Excellent episode Bob, didn't know about PETA and their policy about pets. Looks I have to be more informed about this group.

Yes! Thank you for bringing the cruelty of this asshole organization to a greater audience, Bob.

Goddamned PETA!!!!! I've said it before and I'll say it again, those morons make work incredibly difficult for those of us whose job is in animal welfare and actually do spend our time rescuing/rehabilitating/re-homing animals.

I dont know if PeTA actually operates in the UK, (I hope not), but thats horrible.

Putting down perfectly healhy, adoptable animals? Thats sick. I am surprised they can even find people to do those things. I dont know how they dont get shut down or something.
I hope more people become aware of the horrible things they do in the name of charity.
Funny how the `e` for ethical isn't capitalised, because they are not big on ethics.
I need to go look at pictures of happy kittens so I can be happy again.

Wow, a real eyeopener this time, Bob!!!
GRRRR, they are evil!!!

Sooooo I'll say it out loud: F*ck animals. The only animal I care is the human animal. Stem cells development... Bring me some mices, some monkeys and apes. Let's test on them first.

PS: I'm not a supporter of cruelty towards them for entreatment, just that I think humans should care more about humans. Wanna do a test: how many of these animal lovers care about bugs?!

What ?
Are there still people that believe PETA wants to help animals ?
For fuck's sake, I live in a small country in Europe and I knew that.

There's just so much about peta's propaganda that I don't understand. Why the tanuki suit, which may or may not be 100% polyester for all we know? Why Super Tofu Boy, if Super Meat Boy is not depicted as being any sort of animal meat? Why the Cooking Mama debacle? It's just so incredibly insane in and of itself, and that's disregarding any of peta's actual actions against real, actually living and breathing animals.

It's just.... I can't wrap my head around it, and it's driving me nuts (organically grown on free-range trees and all).

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