Trailers: Dance Central 2 - Gaga Trailer

Dance Central 2 - Gaga Trailer

Now you can get points for dancing like Lady Gaga. Bonus points for getting in costume as well.

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I'm pretty sure if you saw me in one of those costumes, you'd deduct points.

And run away, screaming.

I don't know, but the gameplay seems kind of...Lackluster when pitted against the music.

I don't have Kinect, so I don't know how fun it is to play, so maybe it'd be more intense if I got off my bountiful ass and did the "whack down."

if i evr played this, then to regain my manhood i'd have to watch 2 Old Spice commercials for each minute played. I'm thinking i'll pass.

I think they know their target audience: Women and gay men


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