Unskippable: Driver: San Francisco

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There are so many things wrong with the animation of the driving scene it's not even funny // Ok it is funny cos it's so bad // Also, I agree with Paul, we did not seem to see his face in such a close up // I mean yes the normal map is very well done but you don't have to shove it in out faces like that


I was sitting there waiting for an "Elephant in the room" joke for the entire thing. Come on guys!

Hilarious. These keep getting better and better.

at 4:52 to around 4:55, the dodge challenger (1970) passes as Ford GT (2011 Supercar, red w/ the white stripe). Not a bad laugh.

3 days later and I'm still laughing over:

"OK, I've indulged you."
"I appreciate it, my partners don't usually give me hand-whammies in the car."

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