Trailers: Spec Ops: The Line - The Journey Trailer

Spec Ops: The Line - The Journey Trailer

If you mixed Clockwork Orange and Call of Duty you would end up with this trailer.

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i was wondering when we'd hear about this again, i'm actually excited for this game. i hope "soon" means "soon" instead of "we don't know"

Modern day war shooter... that has a deeply psychological MESSAGE with a targeted and profound effect on the PLAYER CHARACTER?!

I am sold, just because I know this game will, at some point, include the line "the horror, the horror"

I don't know what that was and i'm not expecting the game to deliver on whatever promise it was making in that "ad" but that was a brilliant "ad"!

I was intrigued by this game back in '09 when I had first heard of it. It seemed like a unique take on an established genre. Especially the setting. When it dropped off the radar I assumed the project died out.

Thankfully, it seems, it's come back in full force. These new trailers and previews are painting an image of a game with a lot of potential. If Yager can maintain the atmosphere and narrative that has been previewed so far, I'm sold. This game will be moving far up on my "must buy" list for 2012.

Ah, I've seen a preview of this on Destructoid. Looks like it'll be the closest thing to Six Days in Fallujah we're getting. I'm all for this.

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I can't help but recall a similar situation involving another game that boasted a marvelous trailer that in reality, had almost no relevance to the gameplay of said game... Oh right, Dead Island.

Honestly, I would look forward to any game that would back itself up with a strong story instead a medicore one with already tried game mechanices, so who knows?

Also: Isn't it written as "A Clockwork Orange"?

So it's a Heart of Darkness game, basically? Well, as long is it avoids being racist like the original book or becoming the pretentious bullshit that was the ending of Apocalypse Now, it sounds pretty good to me.

Hey I remember reading a preview for this! A morality heavy modern warfare shooter right, set in a ruined Dubai?

"If you mixed Clockwork Orange and Call of Duty you would end up with this trailer."
Yeah... like, 95% Clockwork Orange, then MAYBE :\

Pardon me for asking, but where the fuck was the clockwork orange element? Unless you meant the tv screens showing unpleasent images, then thats a bit pointless? Surely a better comparrison would be F.E.A.R...just sayin

OT: Looks impressive. Least it looks ten times more interesting than most of the shooters we had coming out this spring.

Hehe....The Burj Al Sauron. Lol.
Seriously what the fuck is this? Another lame linear first person shooter pretending to be anything more than a lame linear first person shooter?


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