Trailers: Kung Fu: High Impact - Trailer

Kung Fu: High Impact - Trailer

Now you can personally Enter the Dragon from the comfort of your own home.

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Wait... a game that uses the kinect in a hilarious and potentially fun way without being over sickeningly cheerful and kid-friendly?

I am shocked... and intrigued.
This looks like dumb, hilarious fun.

Yes, nothing says Kung Fu like not directly looking at the person you are fighting.

This looks like a good 'dumb party game' to bring out when everyone gets drunk. Too bad I don't host parties. Or own a Kinect. Or an Xbox360.

While this does look like fun i am sort of annoyed by the fact that part of the characters legs and feet are well into the ground.
It's just that kind of graphical glitches that take me out of the experience....(Kinect is far from perfect indeed...)

but regardless, as i said, it does look like fun

"Is your kung fu like this? You have the will but not the skill? Then find a good teacher and learn the skill!"

At least that's what it should say.

Not gonna lie...

This... this looks awful. Just... awful.

Yeah it looks bad but it also looks fun.

They could probably improve it by covering the guy's head with a sprite of his head looking to the side. Maybe have the kinect get some shots of "your game face" for those super moves.


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